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How to Use This Webpage

Personal Event Coaches are invited to use this webpage as a resource for encouraging schools to utilize social media for their event promotion.

Each section includes some suggested talking points for addressing roadblocks they might encounter. There are also resources that you may click the image to open, download, and send to your schools as needed. You may either send the link or save it as a file and send in an email.

Many of these are already available in the Event Toolbox or on our blog - they are repeated here for quicker access should you wish to send a school a resource rather than direct them to it in the toolbox.

Please do not share this URL as it is intended to be an internal resource for our team. Thank you!


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Simple Steps for Making a Facebook Page / Group and an Instagram Profile


Simple Steps for Posting on Facebook and Instagram


blog banner

Promote Your Fundraiser on Facebook (Blog Post)

promo calendar

Blank Social Media Promotional Calendar


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Quick guide for going live on Facebook and Instagram

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Best practices for using hashtags and tagging people / pages


More in-depth guide to using Facebook for your fundraiser


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social media

A preview of the graphics included in the package. 


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