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Dad's can be hard to buy for. Does he really need another tie? A macaroni art project? Doesn't he already have a million fountain pens and more than enough "Dad's the Best" coffee mugs?

If you're stuck trying to pull together a last-minute Dad's Day gift that breaks the mold on these go-to gifts, then check out this little list we've put together. These 4 presents are great because 1. They are quick to get/make 2. They don't break the bank, and 3. Dad will actually put it to use!


Grill Set + Steaks + Grilling Outside with the Family = Dad's Day Done Rightgrill set

A grill set is a great last-minute gift. These sets cost approximately $30-$40 and, when paired with some great cuts of steak and a sunny day for outdoor grilling, can create the perfect Father's Day celebration. Not only will he use his new spatula, basting brush, cleaning brush, etc. all throughout the summer, but it will also come in handy for tailgating.

Plus, get the kids involved by having them help you prepare the sides for the cook-out or helping dad man the grill!

Sports Gear + A Family Game in the Park = Dad's a Happy Camperbaseball bat

Whether it's a new football or a baseball mitt that still needs to be broken in, grab dad some new sports gear and get the whole family together for an afternoon at the local park. Start a game of touch football, soccer, slow pitch, or the infamous "don't let the ball touch the ground!" game. Dad will love his new equipment and cherish time spent with family (plus, if you let him win he's sure to enjoy the day!). 

We also love this gift idea because it's a great opportunity for kids to glean good sportsmanship and the qualities of healthy competition. 

DIY Coupons + A Dash of Creativity = A Day All About Dad

Coupons for Father's or Mother's Day can be an easy way of getting out of buying a present. But, when these coupons are creative, desirable, and actually used on Father's Day, they can make for a fun day that is all about serving dad and making him feel loved. Ideas include a coupon for washing dad's car, for making him food/snacks, doing his laundry, watching his favorite movie, and playing his favorite game. The kids can create the coupons and spend Father's Day making them a reality!


His Favorite Hobby + No Responsibilities = A Day Off For Dadfishing

Does he love golf? Get him a new ball marker and pay for 18 holes at the local course. Is he a big fisher? How about some new line and an entire day to go reel 'em in. Whatever dad loves to do, give him an entire day to go do it. Take away the responsibilities, give him a little gift to take with him, and let dad be free for the day. It might not be a gift that lasts longer than 24-hours, but it will definitely be one he won't soon forget!


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