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The Get Movin’ Crew is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Sqord, a company that provides Sqord Boosters (Fitbit-like devices) for kids & groups to promote FUN, healthy activity. Kids who wear the Sqord Boosters can track their physical activity (via duration and intensity). The more physical activity means more points on the free Sqord app, where kids can create their own avatars, connect with other Sqord users, and earn virtual rewards for their hard work.

We were drawn to Sqord because of our shared devotion to promoting physical fitness for kids through fun & games. Like  real-world playTGMC, Sqord believes that making exercise fun and giving ownership to kids over their physical fitness can help turn the tide on childhood obesity and get more and more kids up and movin’!

Our mutual commitment to this cause has blossomed into a partnership that will benefit Sqord customers as well as the PTO/PTA groups who team up with us for their athon fundraisers.

“Our values align so well with those of Sqord. Getting kids inspired to exercise through encouragement, rewards and technology is key in motivating them. It just makes sense for us to promote each other for more healthy opportunities for our youth.” – Wendy Tibus, TGMC President & Founder

How This Partnership Benefits You

Sqord wants their customers to know about the great option they have for athon fundraising in TGMC. They will be informing their clients about our services and how to get in touch with us. In return, any group that is referred to us through Sqord will have 0 initial startup costs. 

As for our current & future clients, they will receive an amazing discount on the Sqord Boosters. These can be used as student fundraising incentives and given to students who raise a certain amount toward your overall school goal!

                                                  55% Sqord

Moreover, Sqord is a great way to continue to promote youth fitness in your school even beyond the scope of you’re athon fundraiser. Sqord provides reports for the Boosters used in your school so you, your teachers, or your coaches can track the physical activity, levels, and participation of your students.

TGMC & Sqord: Our Shared Youth Fitness Focus

TGMC & Sqord share a youth fitness focus, with a heavy dose of fun & games.

Here are a few points of agreement:

  • Combining Tech & Play – Sqord believes in "new school tech, old school play," and we couldn't agree more. sqord productWhile Sqord uses the technology of the Sqord Boosters and the online app, TGMC provides online services to easily track donations, draw reports, and provide each student with a customizable Student Fundraising Webpage. 


  • Group Activity – Sqord is focused on physical fitness for (primarily, but not limited to) elementary/middle school aged children. Part of their success, as well as the success our clients have experienced, is attributed to group activity. When kids can share in the experience and challenge of physical fitness, they are shown to be more dedicated to maintaining this lifestyle (even without the goading from mom & dad). Part of this has to do with healthy competition. Through the Sqord app, kids can challenge one another and compete for more points by doing more (or more intense) physical activity than their peers. Similarly, TGMC promotes healthy competition through student incentives, classroom prizes, or grade prizes for the groups that raise the most donations for their school's athon fundraiser.


  • Exercising Made FUN – Did we mention that both Sqord & TGMC make exercising fun? Well, let us emphasize once more that fun & games is the key to getting kids committed to healthy lifestyles. Moreover, a key component to fun exercise is the ownership it gives kids over his or her physical activity. Through the Sqord app, kids control their progress toward earning points and meeting fitness goals. Through their participation in a Fun Run or other athon fundraiser, kids can do their individual part to be part of a larger mission of raising money for their school and getting fit. Their progress is displayed on their Student Fundraising Webpage and they can share this page with friends & family all around the world. Loved ones can even leave encouraging comments on the Student Fundraising Webpages.


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