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The 100th Day of School is a great time to celebrate with your students and reflect on how far they have come since that first day of school back in September (or August for you early birds).


The following activities and lesson plans can liven up this special day and can be incorporated into the different primary school learning subjects.


English – 100th Day Book


Use this celebration as an opportunity for your class to work together to put together a 100th Day Book. Break your students up into small groups and assign each one with a different prompt; i.e., favorite moments from this year, favorite lessons learned this year, favorite books read this year, etc.


Once you have your full lists of favorites from each group, have each group illustrate, describe, and write. Put these creations together to create a book (or, you could even get one printed from Display your 100th Day Book in the classroom of even the library so other students and teachers can read it.


Math – Counting to 100


Have each student bring in a jar/bag of small items that they estimate to be 100; i.e., popcorn kernels, cereal, rice, 100-kernel-countingbeans, etc. Each student gets a large piece of construction paper. Have them draw ten large ovals or circles on the paper, then count out ten of their items to fill each space.


The students will see how close or far off their estimations were and to visualize what “100” looks like!


Idea via What We Do All Day.


Music – Learn a New Song


There are plenty of tunes that are specific to celebrating the 100th Day of School! As well as several that have good lessons, such as anti-bullying, that can be taught to students on this special day:


Art – 100 Activity/Drawing Prompt


Using a cut-out of the number 100, students can create a picture (check out examples) and then write a description to 100 days drawingdescribe what they drew. You could even use a prompt such as, what would you do with $100? Describe your answer with a picture and a paragraph description.


Idea via Buzzing About Second Grade.


Geography – 100 Miles Away


Have your students work together to map out ten different cities that are each 100 miles away from your school. You could get a large map and, using pins and string, pinpoint where each city/town is in relation to your school.


Use smaller groups to pick a city and write a postcard to a school in that location. Mail the postcards and see if any of the schools respond back to your students!


History – On This Day 100 Years Ago


There are several ways you can use history to help celebrate the 100th Day of School. One fun option is to have your students find several important events that happened on this day 100 years ago. Another idea is to make a list of 100 things that did not exist 100 years ago.


Science – Melt 100 Ice Cubes


Clean out some room in the school freezer or load up several coolers to bring ice cubes to school. Have small groups of your students try to melt 100 ice cubes using different methods, such as hair dryer, sitting out in the sun, breaking into smaller pieces, or using warm water.  


You can expand the lesson by having students guess how much water the melted ice cubes makse. Have a special prize for the student that guesses it correctly (or gets the closest).


P.E. – 100 Seconds to Break a Sweat


Set up different stations in your gymnasium, such as jumping jacks, knee highs, running in place, pushups, crunches, arm circles, etc. Have a timer, a whistle and a loud voice to time 100 seconds for each station. Have your students record how many of each activity they could accomplish within the timeframe.


You could even extend this fun drill by repeating it at the end of the school year and seeing how your students improved over the final months of their physical education!


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