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Procrastinator's Guide

7 Last-Minute Gift Ideas 

Mother’s Day comes every year and every year there are those of us who wake up in a cold sweat because we’ve forgotten to get our mothers, or the mothers of our children, a gift.

Moms deserve the best – but sometimes schedules and time get in the way of showing her just how much you care and appreciate all she does. No fear, we’ve got you covered. These 7 gift ideas can be purchased at the last second to save you from showing up empty handed.

sharis berries1. Shari's Berries

As long as you order by May 13th (the day before Mother's Day) Shari ensures that your delicious, chocolate-coated strawberries will arrive in time to satisfy your mom's sweet tooth. They also have a current deal going for 15% off your entire order! You can also send flowers, chocolate-dipper cherries, cookies in a tin that says "Best Mom in the World," and even a fancy trio of cheesecakes.

Even if you leave it to the last day, the mom in your life will be more than happy with her sweet treat! Bonus tip: Want to get mom more involved? If you have little ones, have them make chocolate-covered strawberries together as a family to compliment her Shari's Berries.

2. 1-800-Flowers

It's all in the name - you give these guys a call (or place your order online) and they will send beautiful bouquets right to your mother's doorstep. They are currently running a 25% off deal for Mother's Day orders. They also offer same-day delivery! That's right, you can literally wake up on Mother's Day with no gift and by that afternoon she will have a vase full of roses.

3. Frame & Pictures

You may not have a neatly wrapped present ready to go, but you probably have an entire phone full of family pics. put your favorites on a flash drive, make a quick stop at your local pharmacy, print out the pics, then grab a frame, card, and gift bag. By the time you arrive back home, you'll have framed pictures for the mom in your life!

4. Professional & Homemade Art

Have kids? Have paint and paper? Set them to work on making mom (or grandma) a nice card or picture to hang on the fridge. While they are spilling paint on your counters, go online and order a nice, professional print or painting that mom will love. This way, she'll get the immediate gifts from the kids and you can inform her that framed piece of art is on its way!

kids cooking5. Cooking With the Kids, Then Nice Dinner Out

Similar to the art idea, have your kids make mommy a breakfast in bed (or maybe baked good for grandma). While mom is busy munching on her meal, make reservations to a nice restaurant and surprise her with a feast fit for a queen! Bonus Tip: Call ahead to see if the restaurant is having any specials for moms.

6. Spa Day

Send mom to a spa for the day! Pay for all services ahead of time so she can just go get pampered and have a day that' all about her. Call ahead to see if any salons/spas are running specials for mothers. While she's getting treated, use the extra time to grab a card or make reservations for dinner!

7. Subscription Service

There are tons of subscription services out there that moms will love. Subscription boxes are curated packages with a specific theme. Whether you get a box full of beauty products like Birchbox or a vacation-themed package like Hammock Pack, there are tons to choose from. All you need to do is inform your mom through a card that each month (you can also purchase a single box if you don't want to pay for an annual subscription) she will be getting a special treat. Mother's Day should last all through the year, anyway. 


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