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Back to School season is practically upon us and many parents are already tasting the sweet freedom of an empty house as kids head back to school. Still, others are saddened by another summer coming to an end. And then there are those who are already planning lunches and sweeping school supplies off the Target racks in preparation for an organized school year.


August is a mixed bag of emotions for moms and dads. But whether you’re celebrating or trying to cram in the summer fun, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. Whatever kind of back to school parent you are, we promise there are hundreds more just like you.


To capture the rollercoaster of emotions that accompany back to school season, we’ve found 8 gifs that perfectly represent the many feelings that parents go through during this time. Check them out and tell us which ones hit closest to home!


8 Gifs That Perfectly Explain Being a Parent During Back to School Season

1. Freedom at last!

There's a reason why moms and dads started taking pictures of them celebrating on the first day of school while their kids pout at the bus stop. After spending several months keeping your kids entertained it's nice to have an empty house once again - even if just for a few hours out of the day. 

2. Wait... don't go!

Some parents miss the presence of their kids once school starts back up. After months of pool parties, summer camps, family vacations and the constant tune of a full house - it can feel pretty lonely come September. But, don't worry - that bus will roll up soon enough and your house will once again be full of requests for snacks and complaints of boredom.

3. Quick! We need to do ALL of the Summer things!

Only a few weeks of summer left means camping, beach, pool, kayaking, bonfires, and all the other activities that you want to cram into the remaining days of sunshine. Some parents go into summer overdrive when September starts to inch closer on the calendar.

4. Get the Gear!

Once that school supplies list goes out, some parents get everything they will need to survive the start of the school season. Backpacks, fruit snacks, Xanax. Ok, maybe not that last one. If you're a mom or dad that relishes that Target trip to get all the school gear you and your kid could possibly need, then this one is for you!

5. How do I pack lunches, again?

Remember a few months ago when you were a lunch-packing ninja? Now, it seems that summer has left you wondering if Subway can just deliver to your kid's school. But, have no fear, you'll soon get right back into the swing of things... or you'll just opt for cafeteria food.

6. I should probably try to enforce that daily reading time I said I would do all summer...

Think back to the beginning of the summer when you headed into the season with the best intentions: daily workouts, reading/hw time for the kids, healthy meals, etc. Manage to accmplish any of those? Some parents panic when they realize they only have a month to accomplish what they set out to do all summer long. Don't worry about - there's always next year!

7. Time to get back on schedule!

No one likes to be unprepared - especially the parents who use the final month of summer to get their kids back on schedule when it comes to wakeup times, bedtimes, eating schedules and reserved HW time. Are you coaching your kids so they're ready when Summer ends or are you holding off until the last minute?

8. Where's my selfie stick??

An entire summer has gone by and you've taken maybe two pictures and one of them is a blurry selfie by the pool. Quick! Grab your phone/camera/selfie stick and capture the memories while you still have time! 

How are you handling the back to school madness? Show us with your own gif on Facebook!


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