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Let the Countdown Begin!

Thanksgiving break has passed and now our educators face the long cold road between now and winter break. It's a tough one for our teachers. The semester is ending, the schedules are busting at the seams, the students are distracted by holiday jingles and wish lists. If you are a teacher, then you can probably relate to at least one of our 12 stages of the Winter Break Countdown.

1. The Post-Turkey Day Haze

Thanksgiving break is over and you must haul your body back into the classroom and ignore the desire to nap and eat leftovers. It's a challenging Monday and we salute your dedication. Upside: You get to eat pumpkin pie while you grade papers!

2. When Coffee Becomes Your Lifeblood

You are staring down the weeks between now and Winter Break and realize the only means of survival is an IV of espresso. Don't worry - those holiday gifts will start coming in and, if you're lucky, there will be at least one coffee gift card in the mix!

3. When Your Mind Becomes Distracted in the Middle of Class

We get it. You've got shopping lists and project deadlines and that super addictive holiday song stuck in your head. It makes sense that your mind may wander in these last few weeks of the year! Just say you were contemplating the subject and smoothly transition to another point. Or, call on the student subtly texting under his desk to share his views on the topic. That works, too.

4. When You Get an Unexpected Class Observation Right Before Break

Deep breaths. You got this. Remember, soon you'll be sleeping without an alarm clock and wearing clothes that aren't crippled with wrinkles because you were up until 2am grading. Just envision your countdown calendar in your mind and teach like you've never teached before! (note: if you caught the misspelled word than all hope is not lost).

5. When You're Stuck in a Meeting & You Have 1,000,000 Things To Do

6 words: It. Could. Have. Been. An. Email.

6. When the Semester is Almost Over and You're Drowning in Ungraded Tests/Papers/Projects

We promise you'll get through that paper pile! And, if the students ask what those tear drop stains are on their papers, just say you were grading in the rain/snow.

7. When Holiday Treats Begin Showing Up in the Teacher Break Room

You deserve those 5 rice krispy treats and don't let anyone tell you different. Just make sure to get there before those hershy kiss cookies are all gone.

8. When You Look Around the Room and See All Your Students are 100% Checked Out

When you see the eyes start to glaze over, it's a pretty good sign they've tuned you out in favor of thinking about what they're going to do over winter break. 

9. When Your Desk Starts to Overflow with Homemade Gifts 

Ok, those "best teacher" ornaments and coffee mugs might not be your first choice of presents, but the gifts from your students still makes your heart melt just a little bit.

10. When Your Students Demand You Show Some Holiday Cheer

Go big or go home, ammiright? 

11. When You're Just a Few Days Away From Break and the Excitement Hits

You are SO CLOSE to sleeping in, to spending the day in pajamas, to eating lunch without rushing, to no longer getting stuck in traffic jammed hallways, to finally, finally being able to go to the bathroom whenever you want!!

12. When the Bell Rings on the Last Day

Ok, ok so you still have final grades to turn in and one last meeting before you can walk out the door - but you survived the long stretch to Winter Break!! Now, go hibernate and we'll see you in 2020.


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