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Year after year

There's a Reason Schools Keep Coming Back

Actually, there are several. The schools we team up with get to experience fundraising that is easy, fun, and extremely effective in reaching or exceeding their goals. Gone are the days of complicated donation tracking and frustrated parents - because once a school sees the difference our online system and fundraising experts make for their team, there's no looking back!

top 3 reasons

#1 Schools Continue to Raise MORE

Year after year, schools that team up with us raise double or triple what they raise on their own. Not only do our clients earn more donations, but they keep an average 95% of what they raise. 

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#2 Our Online System Makes Fundraising Simple & Effective

Adding an online component to your fundraiser takes accepting and tracking donations to a new level of ease and organization. Our system takes the burden off of parent groups and gives them the ability to conduct large, event-style fundraisers without the headache of manually keeping track of all the numbers and student incentives. Schools also get access to our Event Toolbox, which is filled with promotional materials and step-by-step guides for each member of your fundraising team.

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#3 Personal Event Coaches Guide Schools Through the Entire Process

Our Personal Event Coaches are committed to seeing their schools thrive! Each parent group is assigned a coach that walks them through the entire process of their fundraiser. They are there with ideas, support, and guidance from kick-off to event day. Most of our PECs are former parent group members and leaders, so they know what our clients are going through and they speal from experience when they say adding our online component really does work.

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