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As the coordinator of your fundraiser, it can feel like the entire event rests on your shoulders. But, captaining a ship doesn’t mean wildly running from task to task – it means setting the course, designating responsibilities, and making sure your event stays on track each step of the way.


The role of an Event Coordinator is typically filled by the Lead Chairperson or President of your Parent Group. Roles and responsibilities of the coordinator are focused on communication and overseeing the entire event to keep everyone on task with their duties. Notice we didn’t say it means carrying the entire burden of the event on your own or shouldering the bulk of your event planning. Your job as coordinator comes down to seeing the big picture and leading your team to make that picture a reality.


Through our years working with teams and having direct communication with event coordinators through our Personal Event Coaches, we’ve come up with 5 tactics that will make your job easier and your to-do list a lot less daunting.




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