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Strategies for Parent Groups Hosting Penny Wars + Cash Drives

Organizing a successful penny war for your school can be an exciting and rewarding experience. It's a fantastic way to engage students, teachers, and the broader community while raising funds for important projects or causes. As a school parent group, you have the unique opportunity to make this traditional fundraising event stand out and be more profitable by integrating online tools like FundHub. Here's how you can elevate your penny war to new heights of success and fun!

Understanding Penny Wars and Cash Drives

Penny Wars are a fun, competitive form of fundraising for students! The idea is simple: each class or grade has its own jar for collecting coins. Pennies count as positive points, while other coins or bills are used to sabotage other teams by adding them to their jars, counting as negative points. The team with the highest point total, considering both positive and negative points, wins. It's a game that encourages participation and fun competition!

Cash Drives, on the other hand, are more straightforward. They involve collecting cash donations for your school programs. Participants are encouraged to donate whatever they can, whether it's a small or large amount. Cash drives are often held for specific goals, like raising money for a new playground, supporting teachers, or funding a new project.

Creative Ideas for a Memorable Penny War

1. Themed Jars: Encourage each class or group to decorate their penny jar according to a theme. Themes could be based on literature, historical periods, or even popular movies. This adds a creative element to the fundraiser and gets the students excited about participating.

2. Fun Rewards: Instead of a traditional prize, offer unique rewards that students will be eager to win. This could be a pajama day, extra recess time, or a fun class party. These incentives can be more motivating than tangible prizes.

3. Teacher Challenges: Get teachers involved by setting up fun challenges. For instance, the teacher of the class that raises the most money might have to dress up in a funny costume for a day or participate in a fun activity like a pie-throwing contest.

4. Progress Charts: Use colorful charts in common areas to track the progress of each class. This visual representation of the competition can fuel excitement and a healthy competitive spirit.

Using FundHub to Boost Donations

When it comes to classic fundraising methods like cash drives or penny wars, finding ways to enhance their effectiveness and reach is key. This is where FundHub comes into the picture, offering an all-in-one online solution for school fundraisers!

  • Online and Multiple Payment Options: With FundHub, your fundraiser becomes accessible to a wider audience. By offering a variety of payment options like credit/debit cards, PayPal, Venmo, etc. you cater to the preferences of a diverse donor base. This inclusivity not only makes it convenient for more people to contribute but also significantly increases the potential for raising more funds.
  • Real-Time Updates and Class Competition: FundHub's live updates on fundraising progress adds an element of excitement and competition. A real-time classroom leaderboard visually displays which team is leading, integrating both online and cash donations. This immediate feedback can spur a sense of urgency and encourage participants to increase their efforts, leading to more donations.
  • Social Media Engagement: Utilize FundHub’s social media integration tools to seamlessly share student webpages, class webpages, or the entire school webpage on Facebook or Twitter. Regular updates, engaging photos, and captivating videos can create a buzz beyond the school community, drawing in contributions from a broader audience. Highlighting the progress on social media, especially the classroom leaderboard, can also foster a sense of community and collective achievement!

By leveraging the features of FundHub, your school's penny war can reach new heights of success, engagement, and student involvement!

FundHub cash drive (1).gif

At Kearns High School, the cheer team's extraordinary fundraising achievement has set a new benchmark for high school teams everywhere. Their First Annual Cheer Challenge Cash Drive, in partnership with FundHub, turned out to be an astounding success, raising over $12,000 with just 28 cheerleaders. This incredible feat truly embodies the phrase "Small but Mighty"!

The Power of Team Spirit and Online Tools
The Kearns High cheerleaders demonstrated exceptional team spirit and commitment, achieving 100% participation in their fundraiser. The average amount raised per student was a remarkable $450, showcasing the effectiveness of using online social media tools available on FundHub. This approach not only facilitated the fundraising process but also significantly expanded their reach, tapping into a network far beyond the immediate school community!



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