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3 Gift Ideas & 1 Reason Why We Should Appreciate Teachers More Often 

As we grow older, our perspectives begin to change. What appeared as rabbit food when we were kids becomes delicious spinach when we are adults. The naps that seemed like horrible wastes of time when we were little are now heaven-sent luxuries. And, the people with the apples and rulers, who insisted we read books even if they don’t have pictures and sent us home with “work,” are now the teachers that we have grown to appreciate and depend upon as we send our own youngsters to school. 

Teachers play a pivotal role in the lives of our youth. They are constantly shaping our future by molding kids into adults that will be leaders, learners, world-changers and, of course, teachers. So, it only makes sense that we have set aside one week a year to appreciate our teachers. 

Below we have listed 3 great gift ideas for teachers during this week of appreciation. But before we get into how to thank our teachers, we want to take a moment to delve into the 1 Big Reason Why.

1 Big Reason Why We Should Show Our Appreciation More Often

We generally know what teachers do: ABCs, multiplication table, cursive writing, etc. But teachers don’t just teach, they influence. And influence impacts students beyond the walls of the classroom.

teacher appreciation weekThis influence is bigger than you think. In fact, based on the hours a student spends at school each day, compared with time spent at home, leisure time and time for sleeping, teachers have a 41% chunk of time to influence kids each day. We’re not sure about you, but that is one big percentage, and one big reason why we should be showing teachers our appreciation more often: for fostering children in all areas of development, beyond just learning a curriculum. 

According to an article published by the Journal of Educational Psychology: 

“Several studies have reported specific links between teacher–student relationship quality and student engagement (for review, see Furrer & Skinner, 2003). Engagement has been defined in different ways by different investigators, but it most often refers to behavioral engagement as indexed by cooperative participation, conformity to classroom rules and routines, self-directedness, persistence, and effort.”

We may have had different perspectives of our teachers when we were growing up, but one thing is for sure: the person with the apple and ruler at the front of the classroom had a greater influence on us than we thought. Teachers nurture cooperation, routine-development, self-direction, persistence and effort. No wonder we have an entire week to show our appreciation!

3 Great Gift Ideas

Below are some creative gift ideas for the teachers in your life. But, you don’t always have to wait until Teacher Appreciation Week to show your gratitude, feel free to use these gifts throughout the year!

Snacks: Who doesn’t like food? Who doesn’t like food with some clever phrasing delivered by doe-eyed children? Sounds like every teacher's dream to us. So package up some goodies, tie a note to it saying something witty like “thanks a latte” and have your kid deliver it with strict instructions not to eat it at lunch by accident. Here are some yummy examples by LisaKayDesigns on Etsy (click the pic to purchase!). 











Wall Décor & Prints: Teachers love to decorate their classrooms, so considering giving them something that will last all year! It can be a drawing that you and your kid did together, or maybe it goes a bit beyond the Crayola masterpiece. Check out these examples from The Educated Owl on Etsy (click the pic to purchase!)


Mason Jar Goodness: Mason jars are the perfect packaging for any present, plus they double as reusable storage. Go to your local grocery store and grab a pack of mason jars, then let your little one pick out a bunch of small snacks, school supplies, flowers, soaps, etc. You can even decorate them by painting the jars, glueing glitter to the bottom (on the inside of course), tying ribbon around them or decorating the lid. Here are some ideas to get the inspiration flowing, all available on Etsy (you know the drill, click the pic to purchase!).