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Roles & Responsibilites Every Team Should Have


Building an effective Fundraising Event Team (or any team, for that matter) is all about organizing roles and sharing the responsibility. There's a great quote that says "Teamwork: Simply stated, it is less me and more we." This post is all about organizing the "we" of your fundraising team!

We suggest having 4 leaders on your team/commitee, with each person having a sub-team beneath them to carry out assignments and help lighten the load for everyone. 

The 4 Main Roles of Your Successful Team

Before we get into the main roles of your successful team, it should be noted that the natural personalities of your team should be taken into consideration when assigning responsibilities. 
Example? Let's not make the guy who is always leaving his wallet at home the financial planner. 

Team Coordinator 

This position is best for the main face of the group, the one that outside people can point to and say “That’s Rachel’s Team” or “Andy’s Committee.” It’s not about notoriety, so much as being able to have a strong leader to bring your team to success. 

Roles and responsibilities are focused on communication, delegation and overseeing the entire event, mission, goal, etc. to keep everyone on task and focused on the big picture. Quick Tip: Great team coordinators are humble leaders, not taking the success for themselves, but always giving the credit to the team as a whole.

Team Planner
This position is perfect for the creative one in the bunch. Responsibilities include organizing meetings, brainstorming ways to make the event more unique and successful, maintaining communication within the team and scheduling with outside organizations/resources.

The Team Planner should be a team player. This will be the go-to person for people within the team if members have questions or concerns. Their focus will be on handling the small tasks so that the larger vision of the team will come to fruition.  

Team Promoter
This person will be the cheerleader for the team, promoting your goals and vision to potential donors and volunteers, whether it be staff, students, parents, or members of the community. 

Quick Tip: Have your Team Promoter run an Information station at your next team function, whether that’s a meeting with outside attendees, a sponsored event or a school-, office-, community-wide gathering. Use this as an opportunity to promote your team by setting up an Information Station to provide handouts and share with attendees the details about your fundraiser.

financesTeam Financial Planner
This duty is perfect for someone who has served as a Treasurer before, or, simply someone who likes to watch the numbers grow and count the money. 

The Team Financial Planner is responsible for collecting donations and keeping track of raised money, as well as depositing cash and check donations and tracking the overall financial progress of your fundraiser. It will also help if your financial planner has an eye for the overlooked issues. The main goal of a fundraiser is to raise money, and you never want to be that in jeopardy by misplacing funds or overlooking expenses. 


However your Fundraising Team is structured, remember to always work as a TEAM!


Note: this article is just a sampling of what we have in our Event Toolbox. Team up with us today to get access to all of our helpful resources!


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