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Fotolia_61436981_XS7 Awesome Infographics to Explain the Millennial Generation

You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about the Millennial generation. These young adults have been making a lot of waves lately, from causing stress in churches due to dropped attendance to changing the way the world communicates via social media.

Millennials represent the youngest and largest generation in the U.S., born from 1982 to 2002 and 80 million strong, eclipsing the size of the Baby Boomers. When factoring in immigration, some experts estimate their size will reach 100 million.

With fundraising, it is always important to be looking into the future and right now our horizon is full of Millennials who will be the donators, volunteers and organizers of future fundraisers.

That’s why we have compiled 7 awesome infographics to help illustrate and explain what makes this generation tick and how they are already shaping the way we do fundraising.

Millennials Value Trust & Transparency

info1Millennials aren’t the self-centered generation they’ve been made out to be. At least not when it comes to donating to fundraisers & charities.

In 2010, 93% of Millennials gave to non-profits and 63% even gave to over 3 different organizations.

And, it doesn’t stop there. Millennials want to get invested in the cause, they want to know where their money is going and that they can trust in the organizations they donate to. 

So, how do you get Millennials to trust you? Endorsements, transparency about finances, and opportunities for them to meet the leaders of your organization. 


Millennials Give with Both Time and Money

info2While Millennials donate with their money, they also give back through volunteering (they aren't afraid of getting their hands dirty). But, Millennials won't donate anything if they can't find you by searching in Google (AKA, make sure your website is top-notch!).

Below are a few findings from the 2014 Millennial Impact Report:

  • Millennials support issues rather than organizations.
  • Millennials perform smaller actions before fully committing to a cause.
  • Influenced by the decisions and behaviors of their peers.
  • Treat all their assets (time, money, network, etc.) as having equal value.
  • Need to experience an organization’s work without having to be on site.
  • 78% of Millennials prefer volunteering in a group.



Millennial Giving is Relational, Not Transactional

info3Part of building trust and engaging Millennials is forming relationships with them through an inspiring mission, continued contact, transparency, and personal communication. This generation places a high value on relationships and responds very favorably when you want to get to know them.

However, relationships with hidden agendas leave a sour taste with Millennials. So, be cautious of using relationships as a means to an end.

Also, notice that the donation amounts are not very large. That's because Millennials give based on relationship. An apt metaphor being, you don't call someone your friend because you had one huge, expensive meal with him. You call someone your friend because you see each other often, casually, and these meetings build into a relationship. The same goes for Millennial giving: they give smaller amounts, but on a regular, continuing basis. 


Keep Millennials Updated & Engaged Through Social Media

info4If you want to get donors, you need to meet them where they are. And that is, without a doubt, the realm of social media for Millennials.

Too often, organizations misuse social media by using it as a platform for blatant advertising, rather than using it as a forum for relationship-building and sharing the story of their fundraiser.

Plus, social media works like organic promotion when people “like,” “retweet,” and share your content to friends and family!

Warning: thinking social media is an alternative to a website is a big mistake! Make sure your website is well-maintained and up-to-date to let Millennials know that you are an active, relevant organization.

Have a Facebook page? Check out our blog post on getting the most out of FB. 


Millennials are Optimistic & Believe They Can Make a Difference

info5An optimistic giver is a loyal, engaged, invested giver. Millennials are optimistic about the future, even though they’ve lived through political polarity, economic downfall and the tragedy of 9/11.

What’s more, this generation believes that the bright future they envision is because of the difference they can and will make. 

This vision is not some intangible dream, Millennials are honing in on making differences in their local communities (check out: Battling Childhood Obesity on a Local Level), while being optimistic about change being made on national and global scales in the future.

Fundraisers are all about raising money to bring about needed change and communicating your mission & vision is a great way to get these optimists involved. 

Source: Telefonica


Millennials Care About Social Activism and You Want Them On Your Side

info6While we assume your fundraiser is not going to involve boycotts or protests, it may involve social activism and being a part of a larger movement for needed change (i.e., the fight against childhood obesity).

This infographic shows another great reason why you should always try to align your fundraiser with a larger cause. For instance, if you are a school PTA group, consider aligning with the cause of fighting childhood obesity, or creating educational opportunities for all children.

TGMC is a healthy fundraising company (emphasis on the healthy), meaning we make sure that all our services play a small part in the larger movement for healthier, more active kids.

Millennials are a passionate bunch, they want to participate beyond just sending a check and creating opportunities for this kind of active involvement will attract them to your organization. 



Millennials Understand Fundraising & Want to Raise $$$

info7Millennials are active, invested and, more than anything, want to be involved. It is not enough simply send a check or click a “donate” button, the relationship with your organization must go deeper. 72% of Millennials want to help you raise money, whether through word-of-mouth promotion, social media, events, gifts, or just asking friends and family. 

"Millennials are not necessarily donors, they're fundraisers... Are the students themselves contributing 1.8 million dollars? No. But it's their ability to mobilize the community to give that much. I think they have even more potential to be fundraisers for your organization than Generation X or Boomers." – DonorDrive Blog



  • Millennials give with both time and money, in fact, they see the two as equal in terms of donations.
  • Millennial giving is based on relationships between them and your organization. Creating bridges of communication and being transparent about your goals and progress are two ways you can earn their trust and support.
  • Shocker: Millennials love social media. But, don’t use Facebook & Twitter as tools for advertising, rather, use them as platforms for relationship-building and storytelling about the progress of your fundraiser. 
  • Millennials are optimistic and, simply by sheer size, will make a difference in our future. Tap into this optimism and get them on board with your cause, they will support your financially but they will also be human megaphones for your organization. 
  • Millennials are speaking out for the big issues through social activism. The key takeaway here is that Millennials want to be active participants in an ever-changing world. Creating opportunities for them to have a voice and make a stand through your organization will create loyalty and organic promotion for your fundraiser.
  • Millennials know what fundraising is; in fact, they’re quite good at it themselves. Employ these strengths by creating tool and opportunites for Millennials to fundraiser on your behalf. This is not a generation that wants to be told what to do, but they do crave leadership and examples on how they, individually and as a whole, can make a difference.

How Are you Reaching Millennials with Your Fundraiser?

As a company with a good deal of Millennials on our team and as our clients, some of these points came as no surprise, but others we were not expecting (79% of Millennials are optimistic about America’s future?). We know that the face of fundraising is undergoing a major shift as more and more Millennials become involved. How are you planning on reaching this generation with your fundraising efforts, today and in the future?