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Festive Fun Runs

Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year! The festivities are right around the corner, and we have some great ideas for your next seasonal Fun Run.

These physical fitness-driven fundraising events will bring in some extra money before the end of the year, AND they are great opportunities for getting the community involved!

Whether you’re looking to add some last-minute holiday flair to your fundraiser or you’re starting from scratch, we’re here to help every step (or trot!) of the way. 

Monster Dash

October is the perfect time to add some spooky fun to your fundraiser! A Monster Dash is a silly way to make your Fun Run or other athon fundraiser into a productive, healthy way to get in the Halloween celebrations at your school while working toward raising money for the PTO/PTA.

  • Allow students to dress up in their Halloween costumes for the Fun Run (just make sure masks, shoes and long costumes don’t get in the way of being active!)
  • Play festive music like The Monster Mash, the Ghostbuster’s theme song, and Michael Joackson's Thriller during the run.
  • Serve healthy snacks with a spooky twist for after the run, like halved bananas with chocolate chips for eyes to look like ghosts or broomsticks made from cheese sticks and pretzels (get more ideas here).
  • Create Halloween-themed incentives, like a classic spooky movie with popcorn, or tickets to local Halloween events (Zoo Boo, for example).
  • Get the principal involved by getting toilet paper and having the students help wrap him up like a mummy for the event!

Turkey Trot

Turkey Trots are an excellent way to shed some calories and promote a healthy lifestyle before Thanksgiving! Students can get in some much-needed exercise before indulging in yummy holiday fare (no need to worry about that 2nd helping of turkeypumpkin pie!). 

  • Have students dress up like pilgrims or turkeys on event day. They could even make hats as an art project during school.
    • Rent a turkey costume for the principal or gym teacher to wear during the event.
  • Create an fundraising incentive for the school if the fundraiaing goal is reached for the principal to dress up like a Turkey for the event or for a whole day at school after the event.  
  • Serve apples or cider as a healthy snack for students when the trot is over.

Gobbler Gallop

Another fun Thanksgiving-themed Fun Run! Since this holiday is all about coming together (and eating great food) make this Fun Run a family event! Encourage moms, dads, brothers and sisters to join in the fun on the day of the Fun Run, bring a dish to pass and after the event everyone can partake in a potluck style feast!

  • Consider having this Fun Run during the second half of the school day, or even during the weekend, so it doesn’t cut too much into class time.
  • Get the community involved by offering restaurants, bakeries and other food providers exposure and advertising if they give to your fundraiser and bring something for the meal.
  • We still recommend getting a turkey costume for the principal (because what greater incentive is there for a student??).

Snowy Sprint

Did snow come early this year? Is there already frost on the ground, but you are planning an outdoor Fun Run? Why not make it a Snow Sprint and get the kids excited to throw on their snow gear, do a few laps and end with a cup of hot reindeercocoa?

  • Encourage students to bundle up with scarves, hats and gloves so they stay warm but still get to run around outside.
  • Offer fun, winter incentives like sleds, passes to local ski parks, and packs of holiday-themed movies.
  • End the run with sugar-free hot cocoa and homemade cookies (or granola bars, to keep it healthy!)

Jingle Jog

Early December is a great time for this fun, fitness event! The Jingle Jog kicks off the holidays while burning some calories right before all delicious seasonal treats. 

  • Students and parent attendees can dress up like elves, candy canes, gingerbread men, funny holiday socks or other holiday attire.
  • Have a staff member dress up in a Grinch costume on event day and have all the elves (students) "Chase the Grinch!”
  • Use small candy canes to count laps.

We hope you enjoyed these ideas and that you found them helpful in making your next fundraiser a festive experience for all! If you're ready to create a festive fundraiser for your school and are looking for some help, shoot us an email. Also, we encourage you to check out our Fun Run Store for other items to bring flair to your Fun Run!


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