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So, there's this holiday called Christmas and it's coming up fast. Which means you might be looking forward to a little vacation from the office, some delicious holiday fare, classic Christmas movies and spending time with extended family. But, it may also mean that you're scrambling to get all your gift shopping finished. Rather than throwing some socks in a box and slapping a bow on it, why don't you check out these helpful gift ideas?

Plus, we've tried to find gift ideas that are great alternatives to the run-o'-the-mill video games and other electronics that keep kids glued to the screen rather than up & exercising the body and mind.

So, check 'em out and get to grabbin' those gifts before the 25th arrives!

Gifts for the Creative Kiddo

You know the type: the child who doesn't understand why it's bad to draw on walls and thinks playdough is a healthy food group. Not just any old toy off the shelf will do, these kids need toys that will stimulate the imagination and encourage them to express that inner creativity. That's why these gifts are great for providing a fun (and clean) outlet for the creative kiddos in your life! 

  • Building Blocks: Drawing houses and castles on paper is great and all, but building them is even better! Check out Legos, MoGee Motorized Gears, Tinker Toys, and Magformers.
  • Art Supplies: Creativity needs tools to flourish, so equip your kids with the crayons, markers, paper, colored pencils, and other materials he/she needs! Check out the Crayola Inspiration Art Kit, Sketchbook, and Magnetic Drawing Board.
  • DIY Tinkering Kit: If you're down to the wire with your Christmas shopping, then you may not have time to go out and get a gift. So, why not make it yourself? If you've got a kid who loves to tinker, then check out how to make a Tinkering Kit that will have them entertained (without trying to take apart the toaster). 

Gifts for the Sports Fanatic

No, we're not talking about the uncle that screams at the TV during football games. We're talking about the kid that has done it all: baseball/softball, football, tennis, soccer, you name it. To encourage this active lifestyle, get your sports fanatic a gift that keep them movin' and having fun!

Gifts for the Little Genius

Some kids just love putting their mind to work, but too often this capacity for learning is stifled by the distractions of TV kids presentand video games. This holiday, give the little genius in your family some great educational games that put a fun twist on math, science and literacy! 

  • Science Experiments: Got a curious kiddo on your hands? Give them a gift that will allow them to experiment and have fun! Check out the Science Lab Set, Human Body Science KitMagnetic Science, and Optical Science Set
  • Smart Games: Some games come with a bonus: lessons on math, science and reading that will get your little genius exercising the brain! Check out Sum Swamp, Rummikub, and Scrambled States.
  • Personalized Children's Books: For the kids that love to read (or be read to) there's nothing better than seeing his or her name in the book! Check out I See Me for tons of books, both new and classic, to customize for your little genius!

Gifts for the Nature Nut

Know a kid who can't get enough of the outdoors? Winter might be a difficult season to get your kids outside (check out a past blog post for fun ideas on this topic), but that doesn't mean you can't give your Nature Nut something to look forward to when the snow thaws and Mother Nature wakes up from her frosty slumber! 

Gifts for the Future Chef

Most kids leave the cookin' to mom and dad, but some prefer to get in the kitchen and take part in the action. If you've got a future chef to shop for, then these gift ideas are the way to go. Plus, these offer great opportunities to teach your kids about healthy eating!

Gifts for the Musical Munchkin

We know what you're thinking and, no, we have not included a drum set on this list (we got you, moms and dads). girl with presentAlthough, purchasing a set of headphones probably isn't a horrible idea if you've got a musical munchkin. Check out these gift ideas and get your rhythmic kids what they really want this year.

Gifts to Help Your Kids Get Movin'

Let's end with a gift category that is near and dear to our heart here at The Get Movin' Crew! These gifts are made to encourage kids to get up and get active. Great for all ages, these gifts will set you apart as the guy/gal who went the extra mile this Christmas!


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