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Enjoy Life More: How to Love the Life You're Livin'

If only… I wish… Someday I’ll… 

Sound familiar? Every year we promise to have more fun and enjoy life, but we get about a month in and realize we have work deadlines, money problems, family issues, and a million other little things holding us back. We get back in the same routine and vow that NEXT year we will take some time to enjoy life. 

Well, time’s up! The Get Movin’ Crew has decided you don’t get the chance to put off enjoying life any more. To make sure you keep that resolution, the one that may be the most important of all to ensure a balanced life, we have compiled a blog full of little and big ways to enjoy your life NOW!

You ready? No excuses! Here we go.

Join a Gym, But Not Just Any Gym

Join the gym that fits your needs and wants. It doesn’t have to break the bank to be effective, and it doesn’t have to be $1 a day to make sure you can justify the expense in your head. Base your choice on what fits you best, not by which gym offers the most “logical” plan. Here is a great website to help you pick the gym elle woodsthat’s right for you from the best in the country. And here are a couple of TGMC’s personal favorites:

  • Lowest PricePlanet Fitness! At only $10 a month and $10 down, you can’t beat the price of this gym with “no gymtimidation." It features a great selection of equipment as well as amenities for a small upgrade charge. Definitely the best for your bank!
  • Family FunLife Time Fitness! This gym is great for the whole family. It features a child care center with their own set of gym equipment, spa facilities, and some locations even feature an indoor waterpark! Can’t beat that for the kiddos!
  • 24/7 AccessAnytime Fitness is your home if you need full access day or night. With keycard access and 24 hour security this gym franchise is perfect for your busy schedule, without all the hassle and worry. 

"Me" Time

Get up an hour earlier to spend some time alone. Catch up on your reading, hit the gym, make a healthy breakfast, do whatever makes you feel most relaxed and prepared for your day, but give yourself the time instead of flying out the door with five minutes to spare.

Identify your passions and work toward them

If you’re passionate about going back to school, enroll in a night class! If you love to read, join a book club! If you enjoy going to the movies, start a film blog to talk about your passion! Do things that are inherently you, and let yourself have time to enjoy them. It’ll be easier to do the work when you have things you relish to look forward to.

Complete your bucket list!

No folks, it’s not just a movie. A bucket list is a written list of everything you have always wanted to do, but have never done. Everyone has one, whether you’ve taken the time to write it out or not. So why not check some things off? If you know you’d really love to see a band in concert, GO! You won’t regret it, and it’ll provide you with some lasting memories. There’s no use regretting the things you didn’t let yourself do!

Worried you’ll lose your list? Use resources on the internet to save your list to any number of bucket list sites, they’ll even email you and let you know what you still have on your list. We recommend WakeUpList for a quick and easy way to track your progress!

Free Events

Find free events and shows going on around you and take advantage of them. You don’t have to spend money to have fun, and often, free events are more enjoyable because you’re not worried about the cash you've spent. All major cities have lists online of the top free activities available, all you’d pay is the gas to get there! 

Get Involved

There are so many worthwhile organizations that are in need of help, and nothing will make you feel better than helping others. Check out volunteer opportunities in your area, and try some of these fun ways to make a difference!  

Charity Work

There’s nothing better than getting personally involved with a charitable organization. It’s easy to just send money or drop clothes in a box, but to connect with someone and live out the values of an organization will offer long-lasting happiness. Check out some of our favorite organizations that let you get up close and volunteer round circlepersonal with those in need.

  • World Vision allows you to sponsor a child in a developing country, but different than other organizations, you get to correspond with the child and the money works directly to meet the specific needs of the child and his or her family. It is well worth the money and you will come to love the child you sponsor.  

  • Habitat for Humanity lets you help build homes for those in need. You can help from start to finish and they operate all over the world. Grab that hammer and check out the website to see where homes are being built in your area. 

  • If you have a soft spot for animals, there’s no better way to go than volunteering at The Humane Society. Check out the national website here to see how to donate and locate the humane society near you. Be careful, it will be very tempting to take one of those furry faces home with you!

Join the PTO!

Have young kids? What better way to stay connected to what’s happening at their school than to join the PTO?? Take it from us, you’ll be able to make a huge difference in the quality of their education and the experience they have (plus, we know a great Crew just waiting to help you fundraise...).

Help out with your kid’s sports team

NO we do not mean be a crazy sports parent who ends up embarrassing her kid and sending him to therapy in his later years. We mean allowing your child to pick the sport they love to play and encourage him or her. Make snacks for the team and take them to the games, be an assistant coach, whatever plays to your skills A world you lovebest. Just spend some time & get involved with them! 

Only You Can Change Your Life

Whatever you choose to do, know you have the ability to change your life right now. It doesn’t take a resolution or a ton of effort, and it certainly doesn’t take a pocketful of money. Find your passion and enjoy it! 


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