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Using Social Media to Reach Your Fitness Goals

One of the most popular New Year's Resolutions is to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Surprised? Yea, neither were we. But, just because it's the typical resolution, doesn't mean it shouldn't get the same amount of attention as the others. Which is why we're taking a different approach to tackling the desire to lose weight this year: using technology & social media!

What keeps you from going to the gym consistently and eating right for all three meals? Time, right? We get so caught up in our schedules that we don't find the hour to go to the gym or spare the minutes to cook up something healthy as opposed to stopping by the Wendys on the way home. Over time we get used to skipping out on our diet and workout routine and, eventually, our New Year's Resolution to lose weight is put on hold until next year. 

Now there are plenty of different ways to tacke the weight loss dilemma, but for this blog post we want to help you figure out how to set up consistent reminders that keep you from forgoing your resolution and being content with an unhealthy lifestyle. Most of us spend way too much time on social media. So, let's utilize this addiction! Below are ways for turning the most popular social media platforms into sources of inspiration, encouragement, networking, and accountability so you stay on track with your goal to lose weight this year!

Why Social Media?

Social media is the TV of our generation. It is popular, influential, addictive, and largely untapped for the good it could do in the world. Being healthy is a universal goal, almost everyone wants to look and feel good. So, why not utilize social media and help our readers connect how they're spending their time ("liking" cat pictures on FB) and how they should be spending their time (breakin' a sweat on the elliptical). Also, social media is a bridge between people of different locations, demographics, generations, and interests. With common goals like "working out" or "eating organic," social media provides an amazing network of people just like you and me who are trying to navigate how to properly take care of this thing called the human body. 

Facebook for Support, Twitter for Tracking

Facebook and Twitter are the two most well-known social media platforms. While we typically use them for liking silly statuses and following our favorite celebrities, we think that FB and Twitter can be used to help keep us on track and feeling supported by our friends and family. 

  • Create a FB group with only your closes friends & fam to keep them up-to-date about your progress. This will keep your messages private and allow them to send encouragement, advice and general support your way. 
  • Track your progress on Twitter by posting each time you reach a new goal or even when you're struggling. Whether you get outside support or not, the simple act of putting it out there will make you more accountable to your fitness goals.
  • Reward yourself with social media time. For every hour you work out, that's 30 minutes on Facebook or Twitter or whatever other platform you're on. If you miss a gym day then try to curb your social media time as a reminder to use your time wisely in order to reach your goals!

Pinterest for Practical Guides

Pinterest is where you go to get answers. How can you make gluten-free pancakes? What's a good way to train for a 5k? Are there ways to workout from home?

These are the types of questions that you can get answered on Pinterest. For those that are new to the platform, Pinterest is basically a digital corkboard where people can "pin" interesting posts, articles, pictures, etc. and share them with the other 300 million active users around the world (Business News Daily). Below are just a handful of the many categories under "health & fitness" available on Pinterest.

Dieting Tips

Whether you're looking to boost your metabolism, lose unwanted belly fat, know which foods to throw out of your pantry, or the best foods to eat in order to lose those last few pounds, Pinterest has got you covered. With tips from trusted bloggers to healthy eating rules that you can print out and put on the fridge, these dieting tips come in many forms and you are sure to find the guides to help you lose weight and better your body. 

Our favorite healthy eating Pinterest boards (a fancy way to say "profiles") are: Healthy Eating by Real Simple; Work Out/Diet Tips by Laurey West; Diet Tips/Healthy by Cathy Grandstaff; Healthy Eating by Health Magazine; and Healthy Eats by Pam O'Connell

Guides for Race Training

Whether you're just beginning running or you're practically a pro, racing is a great way to stay in shape and have fun doing it. You can do a 5k, a half-marathon, a marathon, a du-atholon, a tri-atholon, the options are pretty diverse. running ground viewPinterest has some great stuff on how to train for a race, the distances you should be running to prepare for different types of races, how to get through long runs, and what mistakes to avoid the day of the race. 

Our favorite race training boards are: Running by Fitbie; Run Your Butt Off by Spark People; Fitness Tips by Urbane Women; and All Things Running by PopSugar Fitness

Working Out at Home

Sometimes getting to the gym just isn't a possibility. Whatever the reason, we know that it happens but we don't want that to turn into an excuse to skip your workout. Pinterest is full of creative people who have pinned great guides for working out at home. Who knew your couch could be used for tricep dips instead of naps? 

Our favorite boards dedicated to showing us how to work out at home are: Health & Fitness by Fawn Weaver; Healthy & Fit by Jessica Wall; and Sport by Laetitia & Luca

Yoga & Pilates

Some of us have the time to do sun salutations every morning and ease into the day with a few downward dogs. Others have no idea what those words mean. Whether you're new to the world of yoga and pilates or turning your body into a pretzel is a regular routine for you, Pinterest has some great guides for yoga & pilates workouts. 

Our favorite yoga/pilates Pinterest boards are: Yoga-Pilates by M Angeles C.C.; Yoga by Nuria Navas; Om by Renee Schettler; and Meditation, Yoga, & Zen ​by Nancy Doreen

Healthy Habits for Working Parents

Last, but certainly not least, Pinterest has some great resources for moms and dads who would love to get to the gym but can't seem to find the time... or their shoes, which are hidden somewhere under the pile of toys & laundry. family yoga​Whether you want exercises for the whole family, some lifehacks that will help you get in cardio or strength training when you're on the go, or just ways to battle your consistent lack of energy, Pinterest has got you covered.

Our favorite Pinterest boards dedicated to helping moms and dads stay fit are: My Life & Exercise by My Life & Kids; Fitness for me! by Cassie Osborne; and Core Challenge by Moms Into Fitness


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