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FAQ (1)You've got questions and we've got answers. Whether you're the president of a Parent Group, a mom or dad, a potential donor, or a curious kid, chances are the questions you have are ones that we've heard before. So, we thought it would be nice to put together a short blog post about some of the FAQs we get and the answers we give back. 

But before we jump into the questions, we want to point you to a few resources we've already put together that may be helpful.

The first is our website, where we list some of the more detailed Parent & Donor FAQs. The second are our helpful videos we've put together to help explain our services, both full-service & DIY, and how to use the Student Fundraising Pages, which you can watch below.

Parent Groups Questions

1. What is the Online Component? And how do Student Fundraising Pages work?

The Online Component means we provide digital tools and resources that help simplify the process of a-thon New Student Webpagesfundraising through Student Fundraising Pages, online reports, social media sharing tools, access to our Event Toolbox with guides for each step of the fundraising process, and an easy-to-use Pledge Headquarters. By taking fundraising online, our clients have seen a 50% increase in pledges as compared to not having online pledges in the past.

The best part: Our software still allows for in-school pledges (cash/check).

The major component of this increase in money raised it owed to the Student Fundraising Pages. Each student is able to register through our website and set up a personal page where they can track their progress and share their page with friends & family to bring in pledges. 

2. How can we get our students motivated to raise pledges?

Student incentives are a crucial part of any fundraising endeavor. At TGMC we are supporters of event-based incentives that can get students motivated and create lasting memories (we list plenty of reward ideas in our Event Toolbox – team up with us to get access). Many schools also ask what they should spend on rewards. One easy way is to budget 10% of what you're trying to raise. For example, if you want to raise $25,000 then a good budget would be $2,500. Sometimes you need to spend a little to make a lot! 

3. What about promoting our event & keeping students informed?

The math on this one is simple: Promote more = Raise more. We recommend getting the word out about your fundraising event by using the school sign, putting it in newsletters, and displaying it on the school website (make sure to link to the TGMC website for online pledges). You should also announce the event to your community by completing a templated press release (which we provide in the Event Tool Box) and send it to your local media publications.

Keep students involved and excited by using our classroom goal posters and total school goal posters to track pledges (posters are free when you purchase Pledge Packets!). Another great way to keep students informed is by using the video series we put together that guides students through the fundraising process! Check out the first one below about getting registered:

Mom & Dad Questions

1.    How much profit is going back to my child’s school?

Most of our clients keep an average of 95% of the total amount raised. We are a company built and operated by former PTA/PTO Board members, so we know firsthand that schools need to keep as much profit as possible. We are a proud leader in high-profit percentages back to our organizations in fundraising today! Check out our 2015 Spring Success stories to see what we mean. 

2.    How do Student Fundraising Pages work?

Student Fundraising Pages are extremel simple to use and they really help your student & school raise pledges for the fundrasing event. It takes less than 2 minutes to register your student and it's absolutely free. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to your student's fundraising page. From there, you can share the page with friends and family around the world via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

When a donation is made, you will receive an instant email letting you know, then you can see who donated & read the donor message left on the Student Fundraising Page!

3.    Can I attend my child’s fundraising event?

Absolutely! Ask your school or parent group for the event schedule and plan to attend during your child’s participation time (this typically varies by grade). Often times schools will post their event schedule on the school webpage, which is also accessible from the Student Fundraising Page.

4.    Is there an easy way to ask friends & family for donations?

Yes! We recommend using the Share Tools right from the Student Fundraising Page, which includes: email, Facebook, Linked-In, & other social media outlets to spread the word about the fundraiser & to help raise 3X's more!

Donor Questions

1.    Why support a healthy fundraising event?

We believe that healthy habits create healthy students and improved academics. That’s why our fundraisers, whether it’s a Fun Run or other a-thon based fundraiser, incorporate health and wellness education, including How to support a cause; Forming healthy habits; Fun ways to exercise; and, Quality character traits such as School Spirit, Teamwork, Attitude, Respect, & Support. With childhood obesity at a high and parents growing tired of door-to-door sales for fundraising, a healthy option is a win-win and a great thing to support!

2.    How do I make a pledge and sponsor a student at a school?

You must have a URL link that takes you directly to the child’s fundraising page. You cannot donate to a student by visiting our website. Contact the parent and ask them to email you the link or post in on a social media site via the share tools on the child’s fundraising page. Once you have obtained the link, go to the fundraising page and click the “Make a Pledge” button.

3.    Am I pledging per lap or a flat donation to help the student reach their goal?

When you click “Make a Pledge” you are making a direct donation to the student and their school at that time. Their pledge meter will climb to the top with every pledge that is made. There are some cases where schools have a per lap pledge (promise pledge) for which you would be notified and then asked to come back to make the pledge post event, after the child has participated. In most cases laps are not counted, but check with the school or parent to be sure.

4.    What if I have difficulties with making a pledge online? 

There can be many reasons why a transaction is not going through. it could be because a work computer is being used and the server is blocking the activity or unknown to the card holder, or if there is an issue with the card. If you need further assistance with this matter it is best to contact our office directly for help: 248-895-0206 (M-F).

Kid Questions

1.    Who is Movin’ Max and how fast can he run?

The Get Movin' Crew has a cheetah mascot, Movin' Max, and he is here to bring energy & enthusiasm to your movin max with kidsfundraiser! When The Get Movin’ Crew was established in 2007 we wanted a character for students to identify with and
remember. This character came alive in the form of Movin' Max! He shows up to cheer you on at our Full Service Kickoff Assembly and Fun Run events in MI.

Cheetahs run about 70 miles per hour. Movin' Max runs about as fast as you and the other kids (unless he's dancing or doing jumping jacks or taking a popsicle break)!

2.   Can I dress up for the Fun Run?

Please do! Fun Runs are even more fun when students dress up in school spirit, different colors per grade, or based on a theme like superheroes!

3.    Can we do this again next year??

You bet! Let your parents & teachers know how much fun you have with the fundraiser and remind them that a-thon fundraisers work best each semester or each year.​


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