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Looking Back at Fall 2015












It has been an amazing season of successful fundraising & healthy, happy kids! Since another year is just around the corner, let’s take a look back at our favorite moments from Fall 2015.

Prepping For the Season: PTO Today Expo

Each year we prepare for jumping back into the Fun Run season by attending several PTO Today Expos. This allows us to spread the word about TGMC and all that we have to offer to schools and parent groups. It also helps to get our team excited for the upcoming fundraisers and learn about more and more ways that we can equip clients with the tools and services needed for successful, one-and-done fundraisers.     ptotodayexpo

Summer Updates: Over the summer we also made some awesome improvements to our online tools, including making our Student Webpages entirely mobile compliant. Not only does this make our services usable on phones and tablets, but it also makes us more user-friendly to Middle School and High School students!

We also did a survey over the summer to help us better understand the fundraising objectives for our clients. As the leader in Event Style fundraisers and former parent group board members, our goal is your goal. With this survey we wanted to know if achieving your budget in one fundraiser is important to you and the preferred style of fundraiser for current and potential clients. As always, we want to be improving and adjusting according to your needs, not the other way around.

Flash Mob Fun (& Other Amazing Kick-Offs)

The kick-off is a crucial part of the fundraising process and these schools did an incredible job of getting the students excited while informing them (in memorable ways) of the important steps of the process, like creating their student fundraising page & giving their parents the Fun Run pledge packet.     

Some of our favorite kick-offs this year came from Serrania Charter, who did a rendition of “Fireball” to get students pumped for the upcoming jog-athon (check out the video below!); Roosevelt Elementary with their school-wide flash mob for their read-athon; Riverview Elementary and their dance moves featuring parents, teachers, and staff; and the UPA Ellen Thompson Elementary student flash mob as a surprise for teachers during their read-athon.

Looking for more inspiration and tips for your kick-off? In our Event Toolbox we have great resources for our clients, including event kick-off ideas and an entire script for the speaker. 

Surpassing Fundraising Goals

By far our favorite moments from any season of Fun Runs are when we get to see schools surpass their original fundraising goals. This fall we had an incredible 111 schools exceed their original goals!!     Center Street

Every school who does a Fun Run or other athon style fundraiser is already helping to better their school and student experience, but there is great joy in watching parent groups realize that, no matter their size, they can raise upwards of 200% of what they originally anticipated!

Throughout the season we like to do school shout-outs on our Facebook page for parent groups that have done an exceptional job of raising funds and getting the entire school involved in the process. So, for Fall 2015 the top 7 schools to exceed their pledge goal (each raising more than 200% of what they initially thought) were:     

  • Pease Elementary
  • Hamshire-Fannet Elementary
  • Franklin Elementary
  • Riverview Elementary
  • McClure Elementary
  • Center Street School
  • Beverly Vista School

Congratulations to these schools and all of the others who took it upon themselves to create healthy, profitable fundraisers that students look forward to year after year!

Creative Student Incentives

One of the best parts of our job is getting to see the creative student incentives that schools come up with. Over the years we have garnered these ideas and detailed them in our Event Toolbox so parent groups can get inspired for incentives that range from individual rewards to school-wide experiences.     

Some of our favorites this year include:

  • Top two pledgers get to give the principal a mohawk at a school-wide assembly
  • For every $100 dollars earned, students were entered into a raffle to win a tablet, a Great Wolf Lodge stay, or a Soaring Eagle water park stay
  • A SURPRISE school field trip if the school reached its overall fundraising goal
  • Teacher & staff incentives, including a full car detailing and free lunches
  • “Breakfast with the Chef” a special pancake breakfast with the principal for the top student in each class    Pledge Superstars get to duct tape the gym coach to the wall!

Thank You for Another Great Season girlletter

For current clients, thank you for teaming up with us this season! We had so much fun and we look forward to continuing to work with each of you in the years to come. We’ve shared our favorite moments here, but we’d love to know what you enjoyed best about your fundraiser this year (or what you’d like to see improved!). Drop us a note @ our website or leave us a message on our Facebook page.


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