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“I would just like to say that our school has loved "The Get Movin Crew". We have used them for 4 years now and this year we surpassed our goal with our Fun Run. With all the money we raised we don't have to do any more fundraising for the school year." – Thurston Elementary [teamed up with TGMC for 4 years in a row]

That quote right there, that's the whole reason why we do what we do. We love seeing schools succeed and each year we see more & more schools not only meet their fundraising goals but greatly exceed them! 

After each season of Fun Runs we ask our clients for feedback and year after year we hear how fundraising with yours truly has made such a difference than year's past. 

In this post, we want to highlight some exceptional schools that recently teamed up with us for their athon fundraiser.

These schools had previously implemented their own fundraisers, without the help of an outside service and, as you can see just from the numbers, teaming up with The Get Movin' Crew has made all the difference!

Home Turf

Let's start in the mitten. We were born & raised in Michigan and we have helped plenty of schools with both our full-service & DIY service. Here are a couple of schools who decided to team up with us in 2015.

The TGMC Difference-1








The TGMC Difference-2










California Dreamin'

It just so happens that we have a TON of DIY clients in California that are hitting this whole fundraising thing out of the park. That's why we have dedicated an entire cheering section for all of our friends on the west coast who have found that teaming up with TGMC has made a true difference.

The TGMC Difference- (3)








The TGMC Difference-Bonsall West








The TGMC Difference-Patton








The TGMC Difference-Barney New








The TGMC Difference-Serrania










The TGMC Difference-Chapparal






The TGMC Difference-Longfellow








The TGMC Difference-Hearst







The TGMC Difference-Curie










The Sunshine State

Another popular state for Parent Groups that have found a difference in teaming up with us is sunny Florida. Here are several schools that One-and-Done fundraisers, that's one fundraiser per school year to cover all of the expenses for programs, field trips, technology, and more. 

The TGMC Difference-Ocean Palms






The TGMC Difference-WindyRidge








The TGMC Difference-San Pablo










Nationwide Success

Michigan, California, and Florida are just 3 states where we are making a difference in the way schools fundraise. But, our impact is nationwide. That's the beauty of online DIY services, they go where needed and they can mean raising double compared to going it alone. Check out these two fine schools for proof.

The TGMC Difference-New Life






The TGMC Difference-Tara Oaks











If you're reading this post and still considering what to do for your spring fundraiser, we encourage you to check out what we have to offer by taking a free, 15-minute online tour of our services.


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