Chairperson FAQs

Teachers do not need a log in. Teachers only need a link to a classroom webpage. This link works throughout the donation period. We recommend they bring it up and bookmark it/make it a favorite. Then, it's one click of a button for them to share with students.

The best way to give all your teachers a link is to email them the Classroom Leaderboard from Reports. The Class Name is the link.

Run it, Export, highlight the Class Name column, make the font blue/underline it (make it look like a link), save as Excel Workbook. The link is hidden behind the class name. Send as attachment to teachers in an email.

On your Event Online Off date field (final due date for donations), you'll receive a Close Out Our Fundraiser email from your PEC. Inside this email, is a link called We're Done, Send Us Our Money! Click this link to fill out the close out form requesting to be invoiced. You'll receive the reconciliation statement (itemized invoice) within 5 business days. Approve/ask questions and once approval received from you, a check is mailed within 24 business hours.

As you'll remember, we initially charge you 15% of online donations; then, we credit you all the $2.50s. In the end, you'll most likely owe us between 7-10% of online donations only.You keep 100% of cash/checks.

You can always figure our bill out at any time by running two reports. Total Pledges at a Glance tells you how much you've raised online. Total online x 15% = what you owe us before $2.50 credits applied.

Next, run the Detailed Transaction by Date report for entire date range. At the bottom, you'll see the total of all your $2.50s. You can see each individual transaction and whether they kept the $2.50 box checked. Scroll to bottom to see grand total of $2.50s. Subtract total $2.50s from the 15% = what you owe us after donor credits applied.

We call this a duplicate student. This happens when a student sends in cash/check donation and a school adds them by clicking +New Student with Donations button which creates an offline profile for this student. Later, a parent registers this same student. We always want parents to be able to register, so they will not receive an error message if their student is already in your school database but they will be duplicated. Occasionally, both parents will register one student without the other knowing. To complete this merge costumer service needs to know what parent profile to “delete” in writing from both parents. All donations will be merged into one profile but the student profile on one of the 2 accounts will be deleted and no longer accessible.

If you have any duplicate students, simply email your PEC and ask for your duplicate students be merged. Customer service can merge both profiles which includes all donations from both profiles into their online profile. Customer service can do this for you within 24 business hours and you can request these multiple times, if needed. Most schools only have 10-15 duplicate students within their donation period as the majority of cash/check donations come in the week of your event.

Go to Manage Event, from the School tab in the top black bar, click big pencil to the right of school name. Set the Event Online Off to the day/time that you want online donations to end, keeping in mind this clock is set to Eastern Time Zone. If you want donations to end at 6pm in California, then set the clock for 9pm or 21:00 military hours.

Yes, you can change the day/time your donations end at any time even after the original time you set has ended. Go to Manage Event, click big pencil to right of school name and change Event Online Off to the new day/time you want online donations to end.

To verify, go to your school webpage or any student webpage. You'll notice there is a "countdown" right below any goal meter stating the day donations end and above the goal meter, you'll see the remaining days that are left to donate. When your donation period has ended, the red Make a Donation button will disappear from all webpages.

Yes, simply login at any time before or after online donations have ended and add your cash/check donations.

Yes, schools can login after your online donation have ended and run any report.

Schools are kept active until the end of each season i.e. Fall events will remain active until 12/31 and Spring events will remain active until 6/30.

This is because this parent "jumped ahead" on the registration page and did not select a grade for their student. Selecting a grade is what "triggers" all classrooms for that grade to appear.

There is something about this picture that is causing our database to think that it's a horizontal instead of vertical picture. It's most likely because original image is extra large i.e. 8x10. Our customer service team can resize the photo upload it for the parent. Ask the parent to email customer service the image as an attachment and we'll make it work for them. Occasionally, different devices with rotate the image. For example, on your desktop, the image is correct but on your smart phone the image is sideways. This is a device issue and not something we can control.

This is almost always because they're trying to upload a larger image than our database will allow. We must limit the size of the photo in order to stay 100% mobile compliant. It's very important that we stay 100% mobile compliant for your smart phone and iPad donors. Customer service can either resize the photo for the parent or the parent needs to select a smaller image.

NOTE: This issue may occur when uploading the school image on the school page as well. Please make sure you are uploading a jpg format image and follow the steps above.

Facebook will always choose the best image to post based on their specifications. If this issue occurs, please contact customer service so they can try to help with this issue.

This because the device the parent is using is not connected to any email provider. Our email button is a smart email button and it "talks" to your device and brings up the last used email provider. For example, if you're on your desktop and you're an Outlook email user, if you click the email button, Outlook will pop up. However, if you're on your cell phone and email is not connected to your cell phone, then nothing will happen whenc you click the email because there is no email provider setup on this device.

There are two ways to search for a student:

1. Smart Search bar - simply type in student name in the top right search bar and click on student name when it pops up. Click on the tab entitled "Donations/Thanks". Click Edit button next to donation you'd like change or click Refund to remove the donation from the database. Refund works just like a delete button.

2. Manage Students - search by student last name, click first dark blue button which is the student profile. Then, click "Donations/Thanks" to edit/refund.

Always search for a student name before entering cash/check donations. There are two ways to search for a student:

1. Search bar - simply type in student name in search bar and click on student name when it pops up. Click the button in far-right corner +In-School Donation button.

2. Go to Manage Students - search by student last name, click green $ button to right of student name.

This parent created a parent login i.e. entered the parent name, email address, password, but on the next screen, did NOT click +Student. This parent needs to log back in and click +Student to add their student to the event.

The total student count on the Stats Page is pulled from what you entered for # of students when you added your classrooms. If this number is incorrect, go back to Manage Classrooms, click pencil next to each classroom and double check that you have the correct # of students in each classroom. If you made a classroom Inactive, insert zero as the # of students.

You must have changed the Event Online On date in Manage Event. Login to Admin, go to Manage Event, click big pencil, check the Event Online On date, make sure it is set to a day/time in the past. Your school name will not appear when registering if the Event Online On is set in the future.