Parent FAQ

Create a Parent login with UID (email) and chosen pw here: Then click Add Student in the upper right corner. Please make sure you fill out all information, agree to the TGMC disclaimer and click the “ADD” button on the bottom If you have more then on child then click Add Student in the upper right corner and complete the same steps as above.

*Please note you will receive an email confirmation once you set your parent profile but will not receive an email confirmation after the child/ren are added.

I registered my child but do not see their profile

This is almost always because they're trying to upload a larger image than our database will allow. We have to limit the size of the photo in order to stay 100% mobile compliant. It's very important that we stay 100% mobile compliant for your smart phone and iPad donors. Customer service can either resize the photo for you or you need to select a smaller image. (email: If you choose to email Customer support, make sure you add your child’s information first and skip the photo portion. Please include the child’s full name, and school so the image is attached to the correct profile

Cash and check donations (considered In-school donations) should be made out and sent to the school in an envelope or pledge packet with your child’s name and teacher on it. The school parent group will add the donations to your child’s profile and all pledge meters will be adjusted ie; student, classroom and school. Keep in mind that the donor name may appear as in-school donation in your parent dashboard and on the webpage with the total you are sending in or it may list each donor you have on the envelope. The school chooses the method on how to add the donor name of In-school donations.

To share the webpage, simply login with your parent email ( ) and click the share tools on the right hand side of the screen. Or if you are on the webpage there are share tools there too.

Donation receipts are emailed to donors immediately following the transaction. Please check your spam folder first. You can also retrieve a copy of your receipt by clicking the “Resend Donor Receipt Email” on the child’s webpage under the “Make a donation button”

You cannot donate through our regular website. You must have a link to the student's fundraising webpage provided by the parent through an email or social media post. If you are the parent, login to your parent dashboard, the “Make a donation” button is located on the right side. Or you click the photo icon to View the Student Webpage, the donation button is on the webpage.

If you are a friend or relative of the student contact the parent for a link to the student's webpage to donate. The parent has 100% control over who has access to the student’s webpage so they can monitor all activity.

How do I edit my child’s page?

You can make any edits by logging in to the parent dashboard. Then click the pencil icon to edit information including the goal, picture, grade, ect.

Here is a quick link to login:

Once you are logged in as a parent, click the “Donations” button right next to “Summary”. You will see all the donations that apply to your child and a thanks button.

Here is the login page.

If you are having trouble with this feature you are likely using a computer to share. Our automated share via email searches for an email app on your device. If you are a gmail, yahoo, hotmail or other email provider that you login to via an internet browser our automation does not find that on a computer. So we recommend that you use your phone for sharing. If you have outlook or a private email server you should not be having any trouble with our email automation.

I need a refund:

If you made a donation in error please send a copy of the receipt to: info@thegetmovincrew. Customer service will let you know they received the request and when the refund is complete.

Facebook will always choose the best image to post based on their specifications. If this issue occurs, please contact customer service so they can try to help with this issue. (email:

Sometimes our system has trouble identifying the orientation of the photo causing our database to think that it's a horizontal instead of vertical picture. It's most like the very large image or closer to a square image. Our customer service team can resize the photo and upload it for the parent. Ask the parent to email customer service the image as an attachment along with the student’s name and we'll make it work for them. (email:

This is because you "jumped ahead" on the registration page and did not select a grade for your student. Selecting a grade is what "triggers" all of your classrooms for that grade to appear. Click the arrow on the right side and options should appear.

TGMC issues all funds back to the school less a small fee in a very timely fashion once the event is over. The school portion of online funds is written to the same organization that you're supporting through a participating child. To be absolutely certain your pledge donations are tax-deductible check with the family whose child your sponsoring to check with the school or organization. If they are a non-profit organization you will want to acquire the 501c3 number (tax ID #). All non-profit organizations have a 501c3 number issued to them by the federal government. In most cases the IRS will require an official letterhead receipt for single donations exceeding $250.00 or more. Please check with your tax accountant for the most up-to-date IRS rules and regulations.