Dominic DeMark


Dominic is an energetic, results-driven and goal oriented Social Media and Advertising manager at Get Movin’ Fundraising. As a Digital Marketing professional, Dom’s key responsibilities include managing digital advertisements, analytics and all business social platforms. Throughout his career, Dom has held various positions of increasing responsibility across marketing and advertisement functions. Dominic earned a B.A.A in Communication and Marketing from Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant Michigan.

Work Hard, Play Hard

How Dom Spends his free time!

Cooking + Baking

Traveling With Friends + Family

At His Northern Michigan Cottage

Hangng Out With His Very Sassy Pets

Schools Love Working
With Get Movin' Fundraising!

Christy Sheth

We have used Get Movin’ Fundraising for the past 3 years and it has been AMAZING! The website is super easy to navigate.

Lori Floyd

I never imagined that our small school of 224 students could raise over $10,000 in two weeks time. In the past our PTA would host fundraisers that brought in only a couple thousand dollars. Teaming up with Get Movin Fundraising has been a game changer! The best part is how easy the process is and the AMAZING staff that help to make it all possible.

Beth Zirbel

Get Movin' Fundraising is so easy to use and brings in so much money for your school! I highly recommend using this site for any and all fundraising you are thinking about doing.

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