Donor FAQs

Thank you for sponsoring a student!

Below are some frequently asked questions to help with your donation experience. If you have a question that is not listed, do not hesitate to contact us. Please note that we do not store any credit card information nor do we share any personal information with anyone ever!

Donor FAQs

Is FundHub secure, and what is your Privacy Policy?

Since we mostly work with organizations that represent children under the age of 13 we are very conscious of internet safety and making sure we offer a secure platform is an ultra-high priority. That is why we operate strictly under the rules of the Federal Government, and we are COPPA compliant (Children Online Privacy Protection). The Get Movin' Fundraising Privacy Policy states that we do not share any participant, parent or donor information with outside companies or services. Lastly, we do not have access, nor do we store any credit card information.

How do I make a donation and sponsor a student at a school?

You must have a URL link that takes you directly to the child’s fundraising student webpage. You cannot donate to a student by visiting our website. Contact the parent and ask them to email or text you the link or make they can create a post on a social media site via the share tools on their Parent Dashboard upon logging in. Once you have obtained the link, click it to go to the fundraising webpage and click the red “Donate Here” button.

Am I pledging per lap or a flat donation to help the student reach their goal?

When you click “Donate Here" you are making a direct donation to the student and their school at that time. Their fundraising goal meter will climb to the top with every donation that is made. There are some cases where schools have a per lap pledge (promise donation based on the child's activity) for which you would be notified and then asked to come back to make the donation to post-event after the child has participated. In most cases laps are not counted, but check with the parent to be sure.

I made an online donation but did not receive a donation confirmation email receipt?

You can retrieve an email receipt from the student webpage where the donation was initially made. If the event is closed the student webpage will be expired. Please contact our Support Team for assistance.

I’ve tried to make a donation, but it won’t go through.

There can be many reasons why a transaction is not going through. The most popular are because a work computer is being used and the server is blocking the activity or, unknown to the card holder, there is an issue with the card. If you need further assistance with this matter it is best to contact our office directly for help. 248-895-0206 business hours.

Are donations for this fundraiser tax-deductible?

To be absolutely certain your donations are tax-deductible, please check with the family of the child your sponsoring. They can check with the school or organization. If the school is a non-profit organization you will want to acquire the 501c3 number (tax ID #). All non-profit organizations have a 501c3 number issued to them by the federal government. In most cases the IRS will require an official letterhead receipt for single donations exceeding $250.00 or more. Pease check with your tax accountant for the most up to date IRS rules and regulations.