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A Comprehensive Online System for All of Your Fundraising Needs!

FundHub is the online solution for your event-based fundraiser. From giving parents the digital tools they crave to making your job as an organizer streamlined and simplified, FundHub provides the affordable technology your fundraiser has been missing.

The Power of Student Webpages

Remember when you were forced to fundraise by going door-to-door or begging parents to ask their friends and family members to buy pizza kits and chocolate bars?

Welcome to the modern age of fundraising! Now you can give parents the power to fundraise with a click of the button using their handheld device or computer. This is accomplished through Student Fundraising Webpages – custom and secure webpages that can be shared via text, social media, or email to gather online donations from family & friends.

Using FundHub, parents are able to:

  1. Check on their student’s fundraising progress
  2. Add a message, picture, and/or video of their child requesting donations
  3. Thank donors via an email from the family
  4. Access our family sharing and family donation features
  5. Utilize our chat feature to talk with our friendly support agents

100% Mobile Compliant ~ Raise an Average $130 Each ~ Safe & Secure

Explore our Student Fundraising Webpages!

FundHub Features & Benefits

Customizable Reports: No more creating spreadsheets to try to keep organized - everything is at your fingertips with FundHub, including donation reports for the most up-to-date and accurate data. You may view progress reports for students, classes, the entire school, and plenty more!

Family Sharing & Split Donations: For families that have more than one child participating in your event, our system makes it easy to share your fundraiser on social media, email and text. Instead of sharing each Student Fundraising Webpage individually and asking donors to donate to each of them separately, parents can simply share their Family Webpage. When donations come in, the total amount will be split evenly among each child in the family!

Versatile Share Tools: Changing the way fundraising reaches family and friends. Easily share student webpages through social media, email, and text – our newest feature. In a recent survey we found that twice as many donations came from Facebook shares as opposed to emailing parents. Now sharing your fundraiser on social media is just a click away, making it easy and convenient for parents!

Incentive Tracker: It is now easier than ever to keep track of your student fundraising incentives! Our online system makes it simple to add in your incentives and keep track of who has earned them and when they have been distributed.

Email Builder: The Email Builder is a one-stop shop for your event communication with parents, teachers and event donors. Send promotional Dynamic Flyer Templates to attach in emails that communicate specific event goals and messages, create individual person-to-person emails, thank donors that need an official school receipt, and much more!

Premium Business Sponsor: Do you have a sponsor willing to pay more? We now offer a premium spot! More visibility and the best spot on the webpages for our premium sponsors.

Teacher Access: Get your teachers more involved in your fundraiser by making it easy for them to get plugged in. Teachers can now create their own log-in for our online platform. This makes it easy for them to check in on classroom progress and to collect their own donations!

With the FundHub Volunteer Organizer it is easier than ever to recruit, schedule, and organize your volunteer team! This customizable feature allows you to fill in volunteer jobs, descriptions, dates, times, and # of volunteers needed. Parent volunteers simply select a date, time, and volunteer position to fill. Email reminders are sent out from FundHub and a fully automated report is readily available so you can see who is signed up for each job and shift. A much better alternative to paper lists and excel spreadsheets!

Donation Map: Watch donations fly in from around the world in real time with our new geographic donation map! Fun for students, fun for all!

Plus, get access to Spanish language conversion, our inspiration station discussion board, and our FundHub message center!

Making Your Job Easier Every Step of the Way

"We previously did it all by pledge sheets and cash/checks. We also used our paypal account. It was just difficult to track everything and had to create our own spreadsheets. This makes things so much easier! By allowing cash/checks to be added to the online donations, it just keeps everything in one place. So much better to track everything!”
~ Fundraiser Chairperson, Lemm Elementary

As a parent group leader, we know your job can be stressful. But, your fundraiser doesn’t have to be. With FundHub, you can keep all of your event data in one place (the School Dashboard), while utilizing as many of our online features as you want to simplify your tasks and cut down on your to-do list.

Get updates in real-time and view your event progress at the click of a button. You’ll be addicted to watching those donations come in!

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