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How to write a winning school Grant application
Winning School Grants!
PTO / PTA guide for getting grant funding. How to find school grants and 8 tips for applying! Read more...
Summer Guide for Healthy Kids
Summer Guide for Healthy Kids
Once summer hits, some families are challenged to keep kids off screens and outdoors. Use this guide to make this summer healthy for the whole family! Read more...
Fundraiser Fatigue?
Fundraiser Fatigue?
Is it really possible to only host 1-2 fundraisers a year AND bring in the money you need to fund your annual school events, gifts, and programs?? Yes! Read more...
What to Expect at a PTO Conference
What to Expect at a PTO Conference!
One of the best ways you can connect with your team and develop yourself as a Parent Group leader is to attend a conference! There are different types that take place, often in-person, around the country. There are specific events for both PTO and PTA groups, but they often share similar formats, offerings, and goals. Being a seasoned conference vendor, we thought it would be helpful to break down just what to expect if it is your first time attending! Read more...
Using Facebook to Maximize Your Donations
Raise Donations from Facebook!
By sharing your fundraiser on Facebook using our easy Share Tools on FundHub, you can go straight to your donors, both near and far, rather than waiting for them to come to you. From using hashtags to utilizing Facebook Live, there are plenty of ways to reach your audience all from your computer or phone. Read more...