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What's Your PTO Superpower?
Ever wondered what makes you truly shine in the PTO world? Take this fun quiz to uncover your PTO superpower and find out how you can make an impact that's uniquely YOU! Read more...
Why You Should Avoid Overlapping School Events
How to Avoid Overlapping School Events
Discover effective strategies to steer clear of overlapping school events and prevent donor fatigue. Learn how to coordinate schedules, foster collaboration, and optimize event planning for successful fundraisers and stronger parent support! Read more...
How to Use School Influencers to Boost Donations!
5 School Influencers for Your Fundraiser!
Discover the secret to a successful school fundraiser by harnessing the influence of 5 key players within your school community. Learn how to leverage the power of principals, teachers, staff, coaches, and mascots to maximize donations and create an unforgettable fundraising experience! Read more...
The 5-Minute School Fundraiser
5-Minute School Fundraiser
Learn how parents can participate in your school fundraiser in as little as FIVE MINUTES! That’s right – in the time it takes to brew a cup of coffee, your parents can help raise online donations for your event with a click of a button. Read more...
How to Engage the YouTube Generation for Your Fundraiser
How to Engage the YouTube Generation
Are you looking for innovative ways to engage the YouTube generation and boost your fundraising efforts? Harnessing the power of video can be the key to success for your school fundraising event. Embracing this trend will not only connect with the younger generation but also open up new opportunities for spreading your message and reaching your donation goals. Read more...