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Fundraising Webinars for Parent Groups, Teachers, + Principals



Beginner's Guide to Winning School Grants

As a Parent Group Leader, you need to know a few things when it comes to school grants: Whether to choose a grant or a fundraiser, how to find applicable grants for your school, how to write a winning grant application, and best practices for grant beginners.

Learn all that and more in this engaging webinar tailored specifically for PTOs/PTA Leaders! 


25 Funny Food Incentive Ideas

Students love getting special treats, and they especially love using food as a way to have some fun - whether that's turning the gym coach into a human sundae or seeing the principal get turned into a Human Caesar Salad! We’ve got 25 new, funny food ideas for you to pick from to pump up your students and amp up your upcoming fundraiser!  Food is an inexpensive, exciting way to motivate students to participate in your fundraiser anytime of the year.


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