Athons are the Future of Fundraising

Event-style Fundraisers are Fun, Simple, and Profitable

Because It’s Not Just a Fundraiser, It’s a Lifestyle!

Athon fundraising refers to an event-style fundraiser that brings in donations from friends and family who want to support your students and school. These individual donations, ranging from small gifts to large sponsorships, add up to big funds by the end of your fundraiser.

Healthy habits aren’t achieved by moving from door-to-door, they are achieved by movin' toward a finish line.

Tap Into the Power of Crowdfunding for Your Next Fundraiser

This term used to belong in the corporate setting and with non-profits, but not anymore. Schools are making use of this ingenious method to raise much-needed funds. With shrinking budgets and growing needs, parent groups are summoning the power of athon fundraisers and the global reach of the internet to help them achieve their goals and provide an enriched school experience for students.

How Will You Athon?

Over the years, we've been amazed at the different types of athon fundraisers our clients have created.Check out some of these ideas and let us know how you plan to get movin' this fundraising season!

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Types of Athons

Fun Runs

Fun runs, walk-athons, and jog-athons are all extremely popular ways to interact and work together to raise funds for your school. Getting together and running for a cause builds school spirit, promotes health & wellness, teaches kids to support philanthropic projects, and brings in huge funds for schools.


Read-athons are simple campaigns that are structured to last a certain period. One could be set for, say, 10 days, during which time kids will be encouraged to read for 30 minutes a day. Schools can easily set incentivesfor how much students raise as well as how much they read during the length of your fundraiser.


This is an athon based onChild Specific Cross Fit challenges! Students raise money just like a Fun Run or walk-athon, but during the event day they are busy breaking a sweat at 4 workout stations with different 10-minute exercises at each.


We work with a ton of schools from around the county, but we also work with extra-curricular organizations and sports teams. A hit-athon fundraiser is perfect for a baseball or softball organization, but you could also do a goal-athon, swim-athon, putt-athon, or other athon that fits with your sports team.


A math-athon is simply a Fun Run or read-athon, except replace running and reading with doing math games, equations, puzzles, trivia in a fun competition style! You can host a school-wide tournament or split it into sections by grade or class. Students raise money to sharpen their math skills and to support their school.


Hosting a spell-athon is a super simple way of raising money and shaking up the school day so students have something to look forward to. Simply gather donations to support your fundraising initiatives and host a spelling bee, a class or grade specific spelling test, or other spelling competition. Students can receive prizes for the amounts they've raised, as well as for spelling words correctly on the day of the event!


One of the best parts about a dance-athon is that you can do it indoors! So, if you're in an area that is affected by the weather or season, your fundraiser can still happen. Just crank up the sound system, clear out the gym and let your students break a sweat while they break it down.

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A Lifelong Lesson

More and more we hear about children suffering from obesity, diabetes or other harmful health concerns. Get Movin’ aims to help teach health and wellness through fundraising events. While participating, students are TAKING action and LEARNING that exercising for a cause is fun. Through this process we believe students will grow into young adults who continue to exercise for a cause. As a result, when they reach adulthood they will continue to support other causes or charities through fitness-based fundraisers, eventually teaching their own children to do so as well.