Why pay more to raise less?

With Get Movin', you have the opportunity to double - or even triple - what you've been able to raise on your own. Plus, we believe that if you raise it then you should keep it. We don't take a steep percentage of your hard-earned donations or hit you with hidden fees at the end of your event. Our schools keep an average 95 - 97% profit, while getting the most online tools, resources, and expert guidance than any other service offers.

Only Pay for What You Use

Online usage fees are applied to only online donations, so you only pay for what you use!
Keep 100% of in-school cash & checks.

Lowest Online Usage Fee

We collect donor credits on your behalf and apply them to the cost of our services, so the average cost for your group ends up at 4% of the online donations total.
With enough donor credits, you don't pay a penny!

Never Wait to Get Your Funds

Post-event, the online donation reimbursement statement is available for final analysis. Once approved, all funds are immediately disbursed to your group!

Full Financial Transparency
Every Step of the way

No longer question how much you've raised or how much you're paying. When you team up with Get Movin', you're teaming up for full financial transparency from start to finish.

Always know your event tally for both in-school and online donations in your online dashboard, easily run reports to see everything from classroom donations to individual student progress, and approve everything in the final Event Tally Report.

Double donations with easy employer match!

With the online Employer Match Feature, schools can raise more for their fundraiser by connecting with employers who generously match donation dollars. FundHub identifies and automatically reminds donors to submit donation receipts to their employers. Potential Employer Match funds are tracked so you can follow up and see when they are received. Schools raise hundreds of thousands more each season with this feature alone!

Over $200 million raised for schools nationwide!

After many years of being too nervous to quit selling gift wrap and cookie dough because it filled our budget of $25,000…. all we can say is we should have done this 3 years ago! We will never give half our money away again!

Liberty Ridge Elementary

We had THE MOST AMAZING fundraiser our school has ever had! We are a school of only 288 kids and we raised $20k in two weeks with very little effort on our part. It was absolutely amazing. We raised 200% of our initial school goal and this was outrageously successful for us. I didn't believe the numbers when the money started flowing in and I am so happy with the results for our small school. I would 100% recommend this platform for any school.

Hillside Elementary

We have been using Get Movin' for the last 6 years. It doubled our profits from when we were strictly paper and pencil pledging. What I appreciate about Get Movin' is the simplicity of use and the constant improvements the company makes based on customer feedback. The platform also allows for flexibility so that our event can stay true to the essence of what it was before moving to an online pledge system!

Cathedral of St. Raymond School