Our Pricing Structure

We help schools double or triple their profit and keep an average 95% of all funds raised

Pricing Information:

  • You keep 100% of all cash/check donations!
  • There is a flat startup cost that covers multiple events for that year.
  • Online usage fees are applied to only online donations, so you only pay for what you use. We provide an option for donors to pay that usage fee with their donation.
  • PLUS, you’ll receive earned credits toward the online usage fees, which generally saves you 50%!
  • In the end, the total cost is generally 7-10% of the online donation total.
  • Post-event, we send the online donation reimbursement amount to your group!

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TGMC is the Leader in giving the MOST back to schools!
Our clients average keeping 95% of all funds raised!

After many years of being too nervous to quit selling gift wrap and cookie dough because it filled our budget of $25,000…. all we can say is we should have done this 3 years ago! We will never give half our money away again!

Liberty Ridge Elementary

We could never get this done without the use of Get Movin' system. The student webpages and Online Event Toolbox make this task very manageable. PLUS, you get your very own personal coach. Anyone can contact me anytime to chat about what we do and how we do it. Fun, Fitness and Funds. Win! Win! Win!

Bledsoe Elementary

Thank you! I have been involved in 21 Run/Walks and this was our very best! I know it was in large part due to the ease of giving online. Get Movin’ will definitely be a part of our future plans.

New Life Christian School