Eileen Turcott

Senior Personal Event Coach

When I hosted my first Get Movin’ fundraiser, as PTA President for my own kids school, I had no idea the doors that would open. Not only is that fundraiser still hugely successful for the school, but all these years later I have the privilege to support them as their Event Coach along with many, many other Western Region schools. From small, rural schools to large, private schools and all varieties of communities in-between, I most want my chairpersons to know that they are not alone in their role! They have stepped up to an important task, when often others wouldn’t, and I stand beside them from start to finish.

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Eileen From Get Movin' Fundraising!

Elisa Sitler

Our school has used Get Movin’ for a few years and have great success. As a chairperson for our fundraising events, their staff and website help to keep us organized and our students and families motivated towards our fundraising goals.

Amy Hawkins

Get Movin' makes fundraising so easy. They walk you through every step and provide great tips and advise. Their platform is very user friendly and is a huge help.

Renee Dean

We have used Get Movin’ Fundraising for three years now and they are great. Each year they have new features that make it even easier to raise money. We have looked at many of the different platforms available and this one seems to have all of the great features combined into one.

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