Kelley Shrewsbury

Finance Director

I love working at Get Movin' because we help schools raise money in a healthy and fun way for the students and staff. As the Finance Director of Get Movin' Fundraising, I am responsible for keeping cost low, so we can give back as much money as we can to each school. It’s extremely rewarding to be part of a company that can provide a service that not only allows the school the opportunity to raise the funds it needs, but it allows them to keep the highest percentage in school fundraising today!

Work Hard, Play Hard

How Kelley Spends her free time!

Watching Football


Enjoying Sunsets

Entertaining Family + Friends

Schools Love Working With
Kelley From Get Movin' Fundraising!

Teresa Meller

We have used Get Movin's Fundhub for the past 3 years and we are extremely happy with the product and service. We have used it for a fun-run style and bingo card fundraiser. All have been very successful and exceeded our expectations!

Cecile Rock

We have used the Get Movin' Fundraising team for the past 7 years and we're very happy with their service and helping us make fundraisers easier and more successful! Their consultants are super helpful and easy to work with.

Kara Phelps Scremin

We loved working with Get Movin! Our fundraiser was a huge success and we exceeded our goal. I like the platform and reports. I highly recommend this group for your next fundraiser! A++

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