Liz Baird

Senior Personal Event Coach

When it comes to school fundraising, the possibilities truly are endless. Having served on PTA, PTO, and Booster Club boards for 12+ years in nearly every position, my experience is priceless in guiding you. As a Personal Event Coach, my true passion is you, the parent group and chairperson. As I advocate for you, help you, train and teach you, YOU succeed! Success = funds needed for students, staff, basics, extras, you dream it – I’ll help you raise it!

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Schools Love Working With
Liz From Get Movin' Fundraising!

Twin Chimneys El.

I love that we can see everything behind the scenes, really helps to know what and where to promote, how we’re doing getting to goal, which teachers are involved, who has earned an incentive, etc!

Griffith Thomas El.

This is BANANAS! I don't even understand what is happening! We have 200 fewer students this year, and we're smashing the goals! Seriously my mind is blown!

Root Elementary

We are thrilled to see the donations pouring in! I have heard only positive things about our fundraiser. From parents, teachers, staff, kids, etc. It has truly been a great experience! We are excited that it went so well, and we've got the rest of the year to spend the money we raised. :)”

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