Marcy Hale

Senior Personal Event Coach

Why I love Get Movin’
and my role in helping schools

I absolutely love what I do as a Personal Event Coach with The Get Movin Crew. It is extremely rewarding to help schools achieve their fundraising goals, which in turn helps so many students and educators. As a former teacher, I know how much schools depend on these funds, and now more than ever! Plus I am extremely proud to work for a company that understands the challenges schools face, and wants to help them not only achieve their highest fundraising potential, but keep almost all of what they raise.

My background with school parent groups or event style fundraisers

I was a volunteer and chairperson myself for 12 years while my daughters were in school. I volunteered for many fundraisers and programs, including: Art Smart, Yearbook, Teacher Appreciation, Field Day, and Junior Great Books, and I was the chairperson for Reflections. I understand all the time and hard work it takes!