Wendy Tibus

President + Founder

It is an amazing feeling to have taken the initiative to build a company that gives so much back to schools and helped change an industry. I believe all students and their schools should be the #1 beneficiaries of all our efforts at Get Movin' Fundraising. That's why I make sure we do everything we can to save on costs, all to provide huge profits for the betterment of a student's school experience. It's also important that we provide schools and parent groups a better, easier and more efficient way to reach their budget goals.

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Wendy From Get Movin' Fundraising!

Rebecca Chap

We have used Get Movin' for our Fun Run the last 5 years and they are nothing short of amazing. Our coach was so helpful and always there to answer questions.

Courtney Trkovsky

Our school's PTO has used Get Movin' Fundraiser for several years, and I have been in the role to work with them the past 2 years. Learning the system was very easy and it has been a wonderful resource both years!

Tiffany Hendrix

This is the easiest fundraiser! Our event coach was extremely helpful every step of the way. The website is very user friendly. We will be using Get Movin' again. The kids really enjoyed the Fun Run as well!

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