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Holiday Fundraiser Themes and The Ultimate School Holiday Shop Guide

Attention parent group leaders! The festive season is not just about twinkling lights and heartwarming songs—it's a golden window of opportunity to bring your school community together and fund those all-important programs and projects. You have the power to turn December's festive spirit into memorable fundraising events with themes like Jolly Jog-Athons and Snowy Sprints. Dive into our guide on fun holiday fundraiser themes and how to put on a successful School Holiday Shop!

Dive into December: Vibrant Holiday Fundraiser Themes

Winter Wonderland Walk-Athon: A track draped in fairy lights, shimmering snowflakes, and a backdrop of holiday music. 

Gingerbread Build-Athon: Host a school-wide gingerbread house contest. Families can join in the fun - see if you can get donations from local grocery stores to supply the materials!

Cocoa for a Cause: Set up a cocoa stand offering classic and gourmet flavors. Students can manage the stand during a Walk-Athon, Read-Athon, or any other event-based fundraiser!

Festive Dance-Athon + Talent Contest: An evening where students sing, dance, and perform. Beyond ticket sales, utilize FundHub to manage online donations from those who can't attend but wish to support.

Ornament Craft-Athon: A crafting day for students and teachers. After creating ornaments, students can even sell their masterpieces in your holiday shop, with funds fueling school projects!

What is the School Holiday Shop?

A unique pop-up shop set up within school premises, this allows students to step into the role of thoughtful shoppers, selecting gifts for family and friends. It’s not just about the funds, but the whole experience it offers.

  • Financial Literacy: Students are given a budget, allowing them to practice planning, prioritizing, and making decisions, all while adhering to their set amount.
  • Joy of Gifting: It fosters the spirit of giving, allowing students to experience the pleasure derived from thoughtfully selecting and gifting.
  • Community Building:The School Holiday Shop brings together students, teachers, parents, and local businesses in a collective endeavor, strengthening school-community bonds.

Planning & Logistics

Choose a date that works for most, gather a spirited team of volunteers, and find the ideal location within the school. Accessibility, safety, and space are key to creating a magical shopping environment.

Curating Your Shop Inventory

Ensure you stock the shop with a range of budget-friendly items, considering collaboration with local sellers or businesses to offer unique gifts. This not only supports the community but also ensures a unique shopping experience for students!

Promotions & Awareness

Word needs to get out. Utilize school newsletters, harness the power of social media, and get creative with posters. Engaging students in promotional tasks or even announcement sessions can stir up excitement.

Crafting the Day-of Experience

Organize the shop with clear signage, price tags on the items, and maybe even a gift-wrapping corner! An organized layout ensures students have a smooth and enjoyable shopping spree for loved ones.

Go Further with FundHub!

With FundHub, your December holiday event breaks free from the school's physical boundaries. Now, you have the power to collect online donations from anywhere in the world. This global outreach can significantly amplify the support for your themed fundraisers, be it the Snowy Sprint, Winter Wonderland Walk-a-thon, Festive Fun Run, or the Jingle Bell Jog!



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