Join our Team!

Get Movin' is proud to offer huge profits to schools that includes a healthy and educational approach to fundraising coast to coast.

We're always looking for talented, self motivated individuals to help us grow in your area. We hire Independent Fundraising Sales Representatives, former or current Parent Group Board Volunteers, Fun Run or A-thon Fundraising Chairpersons who can work independently from home.

Must have qualities include, an energetic personality, good time management skills, exceptional communication and customer support skills with a robust need to thrive, offering the best there is in fundraising today.

We have a proven track record and an impeccable reputation. Teamwork and fun are part of our core branding principals, we will help you excel in many ways.

Send us your information today and we'll see if there is a need for additional help in your area.

 Bledsoe PTA at TX PTA Conferece 2014 UT Expo 1