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Make Your Next Event Easy for Volunteers, Parents, Teachers, and Donors!

In the search for the ideal fundraising solution, schools and parent groups often find themselves navigating through a maze of platforms that either take too big a slice of the pie or offer rigid, one-size-fits-all approaches that hardly resonate with their unique needs.

Your fundraiser should be easy for EVERYONE involved - from teachers and students to parents and donors. Read on to learn how!

A Tailored Approach for Schools
FundHub isn't just another fundraising platform. It's a solution born out of the need for a system that truly understands the intricacies of school fundraising. With a suite of tools, extra features, and intuitive directions, FundHub simplifies the transition of your fundraising activities online, empowering you to potentially double your previous efforts with ease.

Fundraising Features for Volunteers

  • Incentive Tracker: Say goodbye to manual tracking. Input your incentives, and FundHub automates the rest, providing a precise distribution list by class or student whenever rewards need to be distributed, saving countless volunteer hours.
  • Reporting System: Ditch the spreadsheets. FundHub offers real-time donation reports and progress tracking for students, classes, and the entire school at your fingertips.
  • Email Builder: Streamline your communication with an all-in-one Email Builder. Send out dynamic flyers, create personalized emails, and thank donors with official school receipts effortlessly.


Online Tools for Parents 

Parents' lives are hectic enough without the added time commitment of many traditional school fundraisers. With FundHub, parents can participate in as little as five minutes right from their phone!

FundHub makes it possible for them to support your cause from anywhere, at any time, with just a few clicks.

Family Sharing: FundHub's system simplifies donations for families with multiple children participating, allowing for a single shared fundraiser that splits donations evenly among siblings.

Easy Share Tools: Amplify your reach with tools that make sharing your fundraiser through social media, email, and text a breeze.

Simple Parent Dashboard: Everything parents need in one page - social share buttons, donation progress, donor "thank you" messages, incentives and more! 

Enhanced Donor Experience with FundHub

One-Click Donations and Varied Payment Options

At FundHub, we understand that the donor experience is pivotal to your success. That's why we've streamlined the donation process to make it as effortless as possible. With our one-click donation feature, supporters can contribute to your cause in an instant, eliminating the hassle of lengthy forms or complicated steps.

We also recognize the importance of flexibility in payment methods. FundHub accommodates a wide array of preferences by offering multiple payment options, including popular platforms like PayPal and Venmo, among others, and all credit cards - and even cash/check. This ensures that everyone can contribute in the way that's most convenient for them, enhancing the likelihood of higher engagement and increased donations.

Instant Support with Live Chat

To further assist donors and address any questions or concerns in real-time, FundHub provides live chat support. This feature guarantees that help is readily available, ensuring a smooth and positive experience for everyone involved. 


Empowering Teachers with FundHub

Classroom Webpages 

FundHub goes the extra mile in empowering teachers by providing them with the ability to manage their own Classroom Webpages. This feature not only fosters a sense of community and involvement but also serves as a central hub for all classroom-specific fundraising efforts. Teachers can easily share updates, set goals, and celebrate achievements, making the fundraising process more transparent and engaging for students and their families.

Classroom Leaderboard to Spark Friendly Competition

To add an element of fun and motivate students, FundHub has the Classroom Leaderboard feature. This interactive tool displays real-time fundraising progress, allowing classes to see how they stack up against one another. It's a fantastic way to encourage friendly competition, boost participation, and ultimately drive more donations!

See FundHub in Action

Words can only say so much. The true magic of FundHub is best experienced firsthand. Schedule a personal tour with your area's fundraising coach and witness how FundHub can transform your next event!



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