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How Parent Group Leaders Can Boost Student Participation in School Fundraisers

As a Parent Group Leader, you’re at the heart of the school community, orchestrating events, advocating for students, and, yes, leading fundraisers. But here's a question: In all the fundraiser hustle and bustle, are the kids, the real stars of the show, getting sidelined?

Often, fundraisers are pitched mainly to parents. But what if we flip the script?

Engage the Kids, and Watch Participation Soar!

1. Give Students a Vote: As parent group leaders, encourage classrooms to distribute quick and fun surveys. Let the kids decide - what do they prefer? A Pajama Read-Athon? An Epic Dance-Off? A Sporty Fun Run? When students have a voice for the type or theme of the fundraising event, their enthusiasm for participating increases!

2. Join Forces with the Student Council: Integrate your fundraising activities with the student council's initiatives. Their energy and innovative ideas can be channeled into promotional materials, morning announcements, and lunchtime rallies, creating a buzz throughout the school for your event.

3. Empower Student Leaders: Here's a creative incentive: Establish roles like "DJ of the Day" or "Snack Captain" for the top donors. When kids have a tangible leadership role to aspire to, they're more motivated to participate and encourage others to join in.

4. Spotlight on Student Artists: Does your fundraiser need a dash of creativity? Host a logo design contest and let student creativity shine. The chosen design can be featured on event merchandise, giving students a sense of pride and ownership.

5. Class vs. Class Challenges: Introduce a bit of friendly competition between classes. The class with the highest participation rate or amount raised could get a unique reward, like an extra recess or a special class party.

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