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Maximizing Community Support for Your School's Athon Fundraising Events

Fundraising athon events (Fun Runs, Read-Athons, Dance-Athons, etc.) are a cornerstone of modern school fundraising, offering a dynamic way to raise funds while engaging students in physical and creative activities. With Get Movin' Fundraising, not only can your school leverage innovative tools like the Community Share Webpage on FundHub, but there are also numerous strategies to maximize community support and involvement.

Engage with the Community Share Webpage

The Community Share Webpage is a FundHub tool that mirrors your school's fundraising event webpage. This innovative feature is designed to streamline the donation process, making it easier for community members to contribute. 

Easy Access to Donate

One of the standout features of the Community Share Webpage is a prominently displayed 'Donate' button. This button simplifies the donation process, allowing supporters, whether tech-savvy or not, to easily contribute to your school's fundraiser without having to donate to a specific student or classroom.

Sharing Tools

The Community Share Webpage is equipped with a variety of sharing tools. These tools make it easy to promote the event across different platforms, including email and social media. By leveraging these tools, schools can significantly extend their reach, attracting more supporters and amplifying the impact of their fundraising efforts.

Local Business Sponsorships

Engaging local businesses in school events is a win-win scenario. By partnering with these businesses, schools can receive much-needed support, while businesses gain visibility in the community.

  • Collaborate with Local Businesses: This approach allows schools to tap into the resources of local businesses through financial support or donations in kind.
  • Tiered Sponsorship Options: Schools can offer businesses different levels of sponsorship, incentivizing larger contributions through increased recognition and publicity.
  • Business Sponsorship on FundHub: Effortlessly connect with local businesses using our pre-designed templates and highlight community sponsors on your School Webpage in an exclusive section with their name and logo. This offers them free marketing exposure while boosting donations for you! 

Involving the Community

Involving the broader community in your school events can greatly increase engagement and support!

Collaboration with Local Restaurants: By partnering with local restaurants, cafes, and bakeries, schools can source a variety of food items. These partnerships can take the form of direct food donations or special discounted rates for bulk purchases. The food can then be sold at the event, providing a delicious incentive!

Visibility in Local Media: In the age of digital media, the power of local media outlets remains undiminished, particularly when it comes to rallying community support for school events. Local newspapers, radio stations, and community bulletin boards play a crucial role in reaching a wide audience in the community, many of whom would gladly support your school fundraiser!

By integrating these strategies with the powerful tools provided by Get Movin's FundHub, your school can significantly enhance your fundraising efforts. Effective community engagement, innovative planning, and ensuring fun and easy participation are key to the success of your athon event.

Get ready to bring your community together and make your next athon event a resounding success!



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