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5 Ways to Make Moms Feel Celebrated & Appreciated

Welcome to our annual Mother's Day blog post! While many articles offer ideas for dads and kids to show appreciation for the incredible moms who cook, clean, wipe noses, and cheer the loudest at sports games, this year we're turning our attention to parent groups.

We believe that parent groups, like PTOs and PTAs, play a vital role in school communities and have a unique opportunity to celebrate moms in a big way.

We've focused on making these ideas cost-effective without skimping on the impact. Remember, it's all about celebrating moms and showing why parent groups are indispensable to schools. These activities are designed to be experiential, fostering memories that will be cherished far beyond the event itself, with a strong emphasis on student involvement.

Without further ado, here are five fantastic ways your parent group can make moms feel celebrated and appreciated at your school:

1. Mother's Day Celebration Event

Throw a themed party that will make moms feel honored and loved. Use funds from your spring fundraiser to decorate and cater to the theme, be it a beach getaway, a quaint tea party, or a fun mommy + me yoga class. Engage students in creating decorations, and set up arts and crafts stations for memorable mom-and-me creations. Send out email invites or make an event on your FB page.

Personalized Touches for a Mother's Day Celebration:

  • Photo Booth: Set up a photo booth with fun props and backdrops where moms and their kids can capture the moment. This not only adds an element of fun but provides a keepsake that moms can cherish. You could even have a photo frame decorating station.
  • Video Tributes: Have students record short video messages for their moms, expressing their love and gratitude. Compile these into a heartwarming presentation to be shown at the event.
  • Honor Board: Create a "Wall of Moms" where students can post notes, drawings, or photos celebrating their moms.

2. Kid's Gift Shop

Create a budget-friendly gift shop where kids, with a little help from their dads, can pick out the perfect gift for mom. Source items from local businesses to keep costs low, and set up a card-making station for that personal touch. Wrap up the shopping experience with a mix-n-match cupcake station for a sweet end to the day.

mothers day card

3. Host a Mini Mother's Day Retreat

Offer a relaxing retreat at your school for moms to unwind. Include childcare services to cater to moms with little ones, and set up different relaxation stations like a coffee and tea corner, nail salon, and massage chairs. This thoughtful gesture allows moms to take a well-deserved break and feel rejuvenated.

Community Engagement Ideas:

  • Local Talent Showcase: Invite local musicians, poets, or artists to perform at your event.
  • Mompreneurs Market: Offer space for mom-owned businesses to showcase their products or services. This not only supports local businesses but also introduces moms to resources within their own community.
  • Expert Talks: Organize short talks or workshops by experts on topics of interest to moms, such as wellness, parenting, or career development. This adds an educational element to the event and provides value beyond just the celebration.

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4. Classroom Crafts & Gifts

Facilitate a craft session in classrooms where students can create personalized gifts for their moms. From coloring books and homemade cards to painted mason jars, these crafts are sure to bring a smile to any mom's face. If classroom time is limited, consider sending home instructions for crafts that can be done with family.

5. Mother's Day Garden Sale & Brunch

Combine the traditional gifts of flowers and brunch into one delightful event. Host a garden sale with a variety of plants and have kids paint pots with their moms. Complement the sale with a yummy brunch - see if a local restaurant will cater!

Parent Group Pro Tip: Recognize and honor all mother figures, including grandmothers, aunts, guardians, and mentors, to ensure that the celebration is inclusive and reflects the diverse forms of motherhood in your school!

mothers day grandma

These five ideas are just the beginning of what parent groups can do to make Mother's Day special at schools. The key is to involve students in the planning and execution! Let's use this Mother's Day as an opportunity to bring our school communities together and create lasting memories for all the amazing moms out there. Happy planning, and here's to a memorable Mother's Day celebration!


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