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Promote Your Event with These Top 5 School Celebrities

Influencers have become powerful voices that can amplify messages and create a significant impact. Traditionally, we associate influencers with online celebrities, but did you know that your school has a treasure trove of influencers too? Principals, teachers, school staff, sports coaches, and even the beloved mascot all hold the attention of students, parents, and the school community.

Harnessing their influence can be a game-changer for your school fundraiser! In this blog post, we'll explore five types of school celebrities and how you can leverage their influence to boost your fundraising donations!

1. Principal: The School's Leading Star

Get the top dog on board and everyone else, from staff to teachers to parents, are going to want to jump on that bandwagon! One Get Movin' school sets a great example in which every single fundraiser the principal does something crazy if the school reaches goal – turning into a human cesar salad, an ice cream sundae, a human taco (very messy , but effective!). Everyone loves food and everyone loves to see the principal be goofy. The numbers prove how effective this is for schoolwide engagement. A close second to this, if your principal isn’t willing or able to be involved, is to loop in your mascot! More on that below.

Success Spotlight: Partin Elementary's Amazing Race fundraiser, powered by Get Movin's FundHub, was a hit, raising over $30,000! The highlight? The Principal and Assistant Principal became live sundaes, much to the delight of the top fundraisers!

2. Mascot: The Heart of School Spirit

Your mascot might not speak, but their presence can speak volumes. Pairing the mascot with other school influencers for promotional efforts can add a fun, memorable twist to your fundraising campaign, engaging students in a unique way.

Learn more about Mascots for Motivation!


3. Teachers: The Classroom Champions

Teachers wield incredible influence in their classrooms. By getting them involved, you can see a noticeable uptick in participation. Tools like FundHub's Classroom Webpages empower teachers to track and boost their class's fundraising efforts, often leading to heightened engagement and donations.

Tip: Engage teachers by integrating fundraising into classroom activities or offering a portion of the proceeds to the top-performing classes. When teachers are involved, parents are more likely to participate too!

4. School Staff: The Unsung Heroes

Your school's staff — from the cafeteria crew to the librarians — are daily fixtures in students' lives. Enlist these staff members in your fundraising efforts, perhaps by featuring them in fun promotional videos or having them make special announcements.

By tapping into the roles and tools available for everyone in your school, from the principal to the mascot, your PTO/PTA can drive a united fundraising effort that goes beyond your goals. Success comes not just from the event itself, but from the whole school community coming together to support it!

Discover how every role in your school, from principal to mascot, can boost your fundraising donations and overall engagement. Learn more with a FundHub tour.


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