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Expert Advice on Timing Your Spring School Fundraiser

When it comes to school fundraising, timing isn't just a factor—it's a strategy. Our seasoned fundraising coaches have seen it all, and they're here to share their insights on why the late winter to early spring months are your golden window for a successful fundraiser, and why the end-of-year period might not be your best bet.

When to Plan Your Spring Fundraiser?

Our coaches, who have collectively supported countless successful fundraisers, emphasize the importance of not just the 'how' but the 'when' of planning school events. They caution against the common pitfall of rushing into the end-of-year frenzy. 

This advice is backed by an understanding of school calendars (all coaches are former teachers, parent leaders, and event organizers!) and donation patterns that show a stronger turnout earlier in the year. By choosing the optimal time for your spring fundraiser, you're not just setting the stage for financial success; you're also ensuring that your event doesn't get lost in the year-end wrap-up!

So, when is the optimal time for a spring school fundraiser? In short - the earlier the better. If your school gets out for the summer in June, then you may have success fundraising through May. Otherwise, if your school year ends in May, then we advise hosting your event no later than the first couple weeks of April. 

Why is the Beginning of the Year Advisable for Fundraising Events?

1. Engagement Levels: Post-holiday energy is high, and families are looking for fresh activities as the weather improves. This period is less crowded with other school events, making your fundraiser stand out.

2. Financial Readiness: By this time, most people have recovered from holiday spending and are starting to plan for summer, making them more open to contributing to school causes.

3. Academic Calendar: This timing aligns well with the academic schedule, ensuring that your fundraiser doesn't clash with major exams, spring break, or end-of-year celebrations.

Why Avoid the End of the School Year?

As tempting as it might be to squeeze in one last fundraiser before the school year closes, our coaches advise against it. Here's why:

1. Event Fatigue: By the end of the school year, students, parents, and teachers are often overwhelmed with events, exams, and the impending summer break. Adding a fundraiser to the mix can lead to lower participation and enthusiasm.

2. Budget Constraints: Families might be more cautious with their spending as they anticipate summer vacation expenses, leading to reduced donations.

3. Logistical Challenges: The end of the school year is typically packed with award ceremonies, graduation events, and other celebrations. Finding a date that doesn't clash with these important milestones can be challenging, and even if you do, attendance might still suffer due to scheduling conflicts. 

Our Get Movin' fundraising coaches strongly recommend taking these factors into account when planning your school's fundraising calendar. Opting for an early spring fundraiser allows you to avoid these end-of-year challenges.

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Succeed Anytime with Get Movin' by Your Side!

While the timing of your fundraiser plays a crucial role in its success, partnering with Get Movin' ensures you have the support, tools, and expertise to make any event a WIN for your school. Whether you're planning a Spring Fun Run or an end-of-year Dance-Athon celebration, our team is here to guide you every step of the way! Meet your personal fundraising coach when you take a free online tour of FundHub!



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