Our Mission

Our Mission is to equip schools with a fun, healthy, and safe solution to achieving financial success in a single fundraiser, while promoting the physical and mental wellbeing of all students.

The Get Movin’ Difference

Get Movin’ is built for parent groups, by former parent group members and leaders. We know the challenges you face when trying to meet budget goals, because we’ve all been there ourselves.

Easy-To-Use FundHub

Personalized Student
Webpages (SWP)

Online Credit/Debit Donations

Personal Event
Coach (PEC)

Event Toolbox

Schools raise 2 to 3 times MORE by using our
online fundraising system!

By teaming up with Get Movin’, you are partnering with an organization dedicated to helping you raise and keep more with your fundraiser. In a nutshell, we provide the experts, tools, and technology for schools and organizations to take their donation-based fundraiser online. Our system works for Fun Runs, Read-Athons, Dance-Athons or any other creative event that you dream up!

You Raise It, You Keep It!

Our schools keep 97% of all funds raised.

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Manage the progress of your fundraiser with a software database created just for your school! Our cloud-based fundraising system, called FundHub, allows supporters to donate to event-style fundraisers using credit/debit cards and even accepts cash, or checks 24/7/365.

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When you team up with us for your next fundraiser,
you’ll get access to the following features:

Parents and students can easily create their own custom & secure fundraising webpage upon registration, each one raising an average of $120! Rally online donations by through emails, texts and social media. As online donations come in, students can see personal messages from donors & watch as they progress to their goal!

We pair you with a Personal Expert Coach, a former PTO/PTA volunteer turned expert fundraiser! They are dedicated to helping you succeed. Your PEC is here to help strategize your budget goals, brainstorm your best incentive options, offer advice on promotions, and steer you away from fundraising pitfalls.

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Our Event Toolbox makes planning a breeze. It’s packed with how-to guides, step-by-step instructions, promotional documents to email or print for parent communication, press releases and much more.

Our online marketplace is full of items for your upcoming fundraiser. We've got money-saving options for incentives, fun student rewards & incentives, and plenty more!

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Along with these great features, you also have access to our superb customer service team. We make sure that if you have a question, comment or concern, that we are always here to help guide you on your fundraising journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Athon Fundraising?

Athon Fundraising is basically a combination of raising money and a duration of participant activity, such as reading, running, walking, bowling, bicycling, etc. Money is raised through donations, in which people will support a participant, or group of participants for their involvement with the event.

Do our event dates matter to Get Movin’ ?

No, you select the dates that work best for your event timeline. You are in complete control of your event details and make decisions based on what is best for your school. We do recommend having at least 2-3 weeks between your kick-off/launch date and your actual event to maximize donations.

Do you come to our school?

No, our service is web-based and in the Cloud for you to access. We do assign you a Personal Event Coach (PEC) who will be available via telephone and email during the course of your event, guiding you to success from start to finish.

What is the profit percentage?

We are a leader in high profits among all fundraising companies. Our price structure includes a setup fee and online usage fees with earned credits. Clients keep 100% of the in-school (cash/check) pledges. Most of our clients generally keep 97% of what they raise in pledges. See the price page of this website for more information.

Are Student Webpages secure?

Yes, all Student Web Pages are secure and cannot be found through a search engine by using the child’s name in a browser. They are encrypted with a 12-15 digit code which makes them very secure. The only way a person can find or access a Student’s Web Page is if the parent chooses to share the page via email or on social media.

Do you offer tech support?

Yes, we have customer service and tech support available during business hours via email with a response turnaround time of 24 hours M-F. Your personal event coach is available on an as-needed basis.