The Online Platform, the Coaching, and the Tools to Make Your Life Easier and Your Profits BIGGER!

Tired of fundraisers that raise little but take a lot of effort, time, and volunteers? At Get Movin', we equip schools with a fun, healthy, and safe solution to achieving financial success in a single fundraiser, while promoting the physical and mental wellbeing of all students!

How do we do it? By providing the easiest online fundraising platform built just for schools, partnering you with a Personal Event Coach, and supplying you with all of the tools, templates, and guides you need to make DIY fundraising a breeze!

You will be shocked at how much you raise (double or triple what you raise on your own), how much you keep (97% profit!), and how much FUN you will have in the process!

When you team up with Get Movin' for your fundraiser,
you’ll get access to Easy-to-use Online Services & Tools!

Get Movin’ is built for school parent groups, by former parent group members and leaders. We know the challenges you face when trying to meet budget goals, and we know what it takes to make fundraising a task you look forward to each year!

Check out all of the services and tools you will receive when you partner with us for your next fundraising event.

Fundhub - the online school fundraising platform

Manage the progress of your fundraiser with a software database created just for your school! Our cloud-based fundraising system, called FundHub, accepts and tracks cash, check, and credit/debit donations for your event-style fundraisers 24/7/365!

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Individual Student Fundraising Webpages

Parents can easily create custom & secure fundraising webpage for their student(s) upon registration, each one raising an average of $120! Each webpage is equipped to easily rally online donations through emails, texts and social media with a click of a button. As online donations come in, students can see personal messages from donors & watch their donation meter rise as they progress to their goal!

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Personal Fundraising coaches for every school

We pair you with a Personal Event Coach, a former PTO/PTA volunteer turned expert fundraising coach! They are dedicated to helping you succeed by strategizing your budget goals, brainstorming your best incentive options, offering advice on promotions, and steering you away from fundraising pitfalls.

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Access to over 100 resources in the event toolbox

Our Event Toolbox makes planning a breeze. It’s packed with how-to guides, step-by- step instructions, promotional documents to email or print for parent communication, press releases, real-life examples from other Get Movin' schools, and much more. Each section of the Event Toolbox is organized according to the different roles on your fundraising team: Event Coordinator, Event Planner, Event Promoter, and Event Financial Planner. This makes it easy for your team to stay on track!

Digital marketplace for custom promos

Get custom videos and social media graphics to make your online promotion easy AND effective! We know the key to raising more donations comes from promoting, promoting, promoting. In the Digital Marketplace you get the best deals on professionally-made and fully custom videos and graphics to spread the word and raise more for your event!

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Superb customer service team!

Along with these great features, you also have access to our superb customer service team. We make sure that if you, a parent, or a donor has a question, comment or concern, that we are always here to help guide the way!

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Glow-in-the-dark dance-athon!

Bubbles + books read-athon!

holiday jingle jog-athon!

How will You Fundraise With Get Movin'?

No school is the same, and our online platform is adaptable for any type of donation-based fundraiser and any type of educational organization! By teaming up with Get Movin’, you are partnering with an organization dedicated to helping you raise and keep more with your fundraiser.

Team up for Fun Runs, Read-Athons, Dance-Athons, Fit-Athons, Cash Drives, or any other creative event that you dream up! Our team and online tools are here to turn your fundraising dream into a reality.

Over $175 million raised for schools nationwide!

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